The president of the upper committee of sports speaks on the esteladas of the camp nou

Cardinal: "it embarrasses Me the of the esteladas of the Camp Nou"

Cardinal: "it embarrasses Me the of the esteladas of the Camp Nou"

Published:13/11/2015 - 18:56h


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The president of the Upper Committee of Sports, Miguel Cardinal, has pronounced some statements with which has condemned the massive presence of esteladas in the Camp Nou during the party between FC Barcelona and BEATS Borisov. Besides, it defends to I Hammered of the whistles

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The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
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In an interview conceded to "Radius MARKS", Miguel Cardinal has happened magazine to several controversial subjects like the massive presence of esteladas in the parties of Champions League of the FC Barcelona in the Camp Nou and to other also prickly subjects like the whistles that is used to to receive Gerard Hammered with the Spanish selection during the last months. On the subject of the esteladas, in spite of having clear that is not a subject of Government of Spain, has wanted to put baza.

"What saw the other day in the party of the BEATS Borisov to me fills me of shame like Spanish and like member of the Government; that it treat to use this party, knowing the international repercussion that has, to try sell a message extrictamente politician", has manifested the Spanish director, ensuring that they never have to mix political and football. "It would love me that the Barcelona was not sanctioned but there is a principle that is quite basic and is that the sport has to remain to the margin of the politics".

On the subject of the independence of Catalonia, affirms besides that a lot of sportsmen have been "manipulated" to appear in lists or promotions of diverse parties independentistas. "We can do a list of people that have said: they have manipulated me", it signals, launching to the air appoint like Tamudo, Alex Corretja, Capdevila or Moses Stolen. By against, has clear that the whistles that receives Gerard Hammered with the Spanish selection "do not have any sense".

"The players that go do it because they are engaged with the national team, because for them play with Spain means to represent to his country. I hammered it has showed it during fifteen years", expresses. "The selection is the selection. They deserve all the support when they are in the selection", stands out. The president of the CSD has criticised also the politics of performance of the Real Spanish Federation of Football, that ensures that it always has been in his against.

"When we have done the economic control, when we have struggled against the violence in the football, when we have asked greater visibility for the feminine football... The Federation always has been against of all what have done. To me what bothers me is that they never have said which was his plan, because if had an alternative plan could have been enriquecedor. It has been: "I do not want to do at all but neither I want that you do it you"".

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