The German goalkeeper did a genial unemployed in the penalti of dzeko

Ter Stegen Added to the party with a paradón of penalti

Ter Stegen Added to the party with a paradón of penalti

Published:24/11/2015 - 22:23h


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The guardameta did not want to lose the party that were mounting his mates and took out three hands providenciales during the course of the goleada of the FC Barcelona to the ACE Rome. Especially good was the one who took him out to the forward Dzeko in the launching of his penalti

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The goalkeeper of the FC Barcelona Marc-André ter Stegen answered to the partidazo that did his mate Claudio Bravo in front of the Real Madrid with another of authentic merit. And it is that in a goleada in which the FC Barcelona lumbered with him a six to one to the ACE Rome, the germano also had special incidence when taking out three big hands and avoid more goals of the visitors. At all it could do, this yes, in the goal of the Italian honour.

But in front of of east, Ter Stegen enjoyed with the game of his and happened it to him in big on the terrain of game where the whole public coreó his name after stopping him the penalti to the forward bosnio Dzeko. In a moment of abstemiousness and concentration, advinó the place where went to launch the point romanista and sacço a perfect left hand.

Before already it had showed his reflections and good form in front of a kick in this case of Iago Falque. The exbarcelonista finished inside the area a balloon that owed to be goal but that did not go it thanks to the right hand providencial of the cancerbero Teutonic. A big reaction of agile goalkeeper and that is attentive to everything, leaving to the canterano Barcelona thinking as it could take him out this.

Although the goalkeeper could not leave his goal to zero, of good safe his performance serves him to win a lot of more confidence and go back to recover the respect that won the past season. Now Ter Stegen, helped by his defence although this failed in the only so much fit, shows more sobrio and transmits more security. Anybody more than the public of the Camp Nou wants to that it go him well to the goalkeeper and are the first in recognising him a good performance.

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