The fans of the fc barcelona went back to manifest  against of the uefa in the party in front of the blunt ace

The Camp Nou went back to pitar the hymn of the Champions

The Camp Nou went back to pitar the hymn of the Champions

Published:24/11/2015 - 18:46h


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By third consecutive party, the fans of the FC Barcelona loaded against the UEFA whistling the hymn of the Champions League and showing flags independentistas. Although to the equal that the party in front of the BEATS will not suppose next fines, the representatives annotated all the sucedido

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The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

It is clear that to the fans of the FC Barcelona no the callarán the fines neither the attempts of mermar his rights of expression. By third consecutive party this season in Champions and after the sanction of the UEFA in the past final in front of the Juventus, the barcelonismo in his big majority to pitado considerably the hymn of the Champions and has exhibited flags independentistas.

Another pulse more than the fans culés to the maximum organism of the continental football after the quoted sanction of 30 one thousand euros in the final and the one of 40 one thousand imposed after the first party in front of the Bayer Leverkusen and that the Barcelona entity decided to resort. In front of the wait of what decide the Court of Sportive Arbitration (TAS), the UEFA will not go back to sanction more to the club.

But this does not want to say that no go him to sanction by it sucedido in front of the BEAT Borisov and in front of the ACE Rome. But if the TAS decides to not to give him the reason to the group of Josep Maria Bartomeu, all the informacion collected by the informadores of the UEFA situated in the stadium barcelonista in said meetings will serve to proceed to new sanctions that expects are upper.

It is thus that the directive blaugrana wait impatiently it dictaminado by the TAS. By his part the bloated has clear no him callará at all neither anybody. Until the UEFA do not accept something that the fans defends like rights of expression, will not stop, this is clear.

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