The whites were rácanos and won thanks to a so much of the central nacho to the psg

The Madrid grave to the PSG but loses to Marcelo (1-0)

The Madrid grave to the PSG but loses to Marcelo (1-0)

Published:3/11/2015 - 20:03h


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The whites won in a meeting without shine to the French champion thanks to a goal of the defender Nacho. They were of less to more and in the second time had good occasions without removing of the all the superiority visitor. Marcelo finish lesionado, again

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

The Real Madrid achieved this Tuesday an important victory in front of Paris Saint-Germain that practically it leaves him like indisputable leader of the group To and classified already for eighth of final after the defeat of the Malmö. In the following two days costs him with winning a party or do the same that the French in a meeting to finish like first. A goal of Nacho in in the minute 35 gave him the final victory.

The party began very bad for both teams. First it was Marco Verratti the one who had to abandon the meeting because of an injury and minutes later would do it Marcelo, with problems in the isquios by enésima time. His place occupied it Nacho that two minutes afterwards, in the 35, would take advantage of an error of the guardameta Trapp to advance to the whites. Kroos Shot from out of the area his kick touched in a defence and fell to the left band. By there it appeared Nacho that surprised to the descolocado goalkeeper Frenchman.

The first-half finish with a coarse and ugly game in which Rabiot reacted and kicked a balloon to the stick and later would be Edinson Cavani the  would have a big occasion for empatar but Navas, again, would go back to avoid an almost sung goal. Tremendo The costarricense that is callando mouths and showing him to lso managerial madridistas that did not trust he, that is being of the best and more remarkable of the team this season.

Already in the second half the tonic was the same with a Madrid that treated to undress of the tension caused by the constant attacks of the PSG with several attacks in which, this yes, did not find to Cristiano Ronaldo. The luso was disappeared totally and could have not played the meeting that anybody would have knowledgeable. In his place went back again to appear Navas to save a hand manually with Gave Maria. With the French trying it but without finding the hole in the defence Clattenburg signalled the end.

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