It is foreseen that the Asturian plant to mascherano on the terrain of game

The possible alignments of the Barça-BEAT (Champions League J4)

The possible alignments of the Barça-BEAT (Champions League J4)

Published:1/11/2015 - 16:05h


Calendar of FC Barcelona

The trainer of the Barça, Luis Enrique, is foreseen that it carry out some rotations in the alignment title against the BEATS Borisov this Wednesday being able to include in the eleven to Mascherano to give rest to Busquets and also to Vermaelen in the axis of the defence

Ticket - Gone in FC Barcelona vs BEATS Borisov - Champions J4
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

It is likely that Luis Enrique carry out some rotations against the BEATS Borisov in the Camp Nou this next Wednesday, in what it will be the fourth day of the phase of groups of the UEFA Champions League. Taking advantage of the fact that it can not use to Javier Mascherano in League BBVA against the Villarreal next Sunday, the Asturian would opt this Wednesday for ranging to the Argentinian to give rest to Sergio Busquets in the position of defensive pivote, oxigenando also other positions like the saga barcelonista, where Thomas Vermaelen could occupy the place of Jeremy Mathieu like companion of Gerard Hammered, or of Marc Bartra.

Luis Enrique already has recovered to Andrés Iniesta and Sergi Roberto, whereas of here to a week will be able to have of Mascherano also to prepare the Classical of League against the Real Madrid. This produces that the problems that had the Asturian for dosificar to his men of the centre of the field are already resolved, being able to besides oxigenar also other positions like the ones of the saga barcelonista and the sides -Sergi Roberto can act in the right side and Mathieu in the left-, and even also in the line of attack, since Andrés Iniesta can assume perfectly works of extreme and form trident with Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez.

Ter Stegen

The youngster guardameta German of the FC Barcelona will go back to be headline after two weeks without being it, since Claudio Bravo is it in League BBVA and Jordi Masip played the gone of 1/16 of Glass against the Villanovense. Marc-André Ter Stegen will have to put the batteries in Champions League not to fit goal and follow with the good series that initiated against the BEATS Borisov in Byelorussia (0-2). The cancerbero germano carried almost two months receiving targets against, but remedied it in his last party of Champions and his mental fortress will be key so that it continue making good performances this season.

Alves-Vermaelen-Hammered-Jordi Alba

Dani Alves Has all the numbers to go back to be the right side of the team in front of the drop of Douglas and the possibility that Sergi Roberto play in the centre of the field. In the saga, Hammered could repeat titularity beside Thomas Vermaelen that still is not filmed of the all after the injury but yes recovered fully of his physical problems. Jordi Alba will be indisputable, as almost always, in the left side unless Luis Enrique decide to opt by Adriano or Mathieu like alternatives.


Luis Enrique could present a centre of the rocky field and at the same time talentoso to dominate the possession and besides impregnate to the team of a touch physicist. Mascherano, that could not play against the Getafe and has the cool legs, could accompany to Andrés Iniesta and Rakitic in the recovery of balloon and creation of game from the room of machines, looking for connect always with an attacker line in which they will go back to be, as of habit, Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez like references. Gerard Gumbau could appear in the second part in function of the result, whereas Sergi Roberto is another clear option to the titularity.

Sandro-Neymar-Luis Suárez

In attack, and after Munir The Haddadi was headline against the Getafe and contested 60 minutes, foresees that Sandro Ramírez take the relief like companion of Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez. The Brazilian and the Uruguayan arrive in series after having seen door in the last day of League BBVA 2015-16, as it is habit in the last weeks. Especially Neymar, that went back to cuajar an authentic exhibition of game in front of the Getafe in the Coliseum Alfonso Pérez and nourished of a big assistance of Sergi Roberto to annotate a new golazo.

Possible alignments of FC Barcelona and BEATS Borisov:

FC Barcelona: Ter Stegen; Alves, Vermaelen, Hammered, Jordi Alba; Mascherano, Rakitic, Iniesta; Sandro, Neymar and Luis Suárez.

It BEATS Borisov: Chernik; Mladenovic, Milunovic, Dubra, Polyakov; Yablonski, Stasevich, Aleksei Rios, Volodko; Mozolevskiy, Signevich.

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