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Jordi Farré: "FC Barcelona has violated the Data Protection Law"

Published:12/10/2020 - 08:33h

Updated:12/10/2020 - 08:33h

Jordi Farré, one of the impulsores of the vote of censorship against Josep Maria Bartomeu, spoke about the current situation after the intervention of the Civil Guard

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Jordi Farré, the visible head of the platform 'Més that a moció' that promoted the vote of censorship against Josep Maria Bartomeu and his board, offered an interview published by the newspaper 'Ace' to comment how remains the current situation, after the FC Barcelona put the case in hands of the Civil Guard after suspecting of the veracity of some signatures.

In the first place, it commented the current situation of the process of vote of censorship ensuring be "expectante" by what is for coming. "In the club still have not put to work and already has happened a day. According to the statutes have between 10 and 20 days to summon the referendum, but in five days, that is to say, next Thursday, the Table has to gather to concretise the date and as it will do ", commented.

Besides, it was asked after when thinks that will be the referendum. "The most likely is that it was in the weekend of 31 October and the one of November. There are voices of say that it vote the 31 and the 2 to respect the Day of all the Saints, but would seem me absurd", said, adding that "they say that have a plan of logistical prepared to present in front of the Government of Catalonia. I expect that this yes that it was truth".

Jordi Farré tabién affirmed that it feels alluded by the complaint of the club to the Civil Guard by the false ballots. "The complaint of the FC Barcelona goes against my. They quote me personally and I think to defend me like cat panza up. In the writing of the Civil Guard asks that 'identify to Jordi Farré' because Jordi Farré there are many", explained.

"The juridical service of the FC Barcelona did the ridiculous"

The impulsor of the vote of censorship ensured that, in such circumstances, contacted with Gonzalo Boye, pleaded of Carles Puigdemont and of Quim Torra, so that it carry his case. "I have put me in contact with Gonzalo Boye so that it defend me. It is not easy to find lawyers in these cases. The Tuesday have a meeting with him to concretise the calendar", aimed.

Jordi Farré ensured that the Civil Guard was not the only road so that the FC Barcelona attended in front of his suspicions. "It is not truth that only could go to the Civil Guard. It can that they went because have good relation. The investigation does not carry it the Civil Guard, carries it the Judged Number one that distributes work between the Mossos and the Civil Guard", cleared.

Also it ensured not understanding that all link to the investigation of the traffic of abonos in the Classical of three years ago. "It does not sustain by any side. If it is that these five carnets of which suspect are not related with the fraudulent available plot of abonos in that they base . Besides, I repeat that these five carnets are of some mine friends of Olot that presented in the club and value querellarse against the club for having violated the Law of Data protection", informed.

Besides, it took for granted that the five carnets with his ballots are in possession of the Civil Guard. "Anybody knows like these ballots have arrived until there. The ballots are of the Table and the lawyer that presented the complaint, Eloi Castellarnau, when they asked him in RAC1 as they arrived there limited to say: 'no I can it to him say'. They jumped flagrantemente the chain of custody and this is a crime", affirmed.

Answer to the juridical services of the FC Barcelona

Jordi Farré also answered to the words of Román Gómez Ponti, juridical boss of the FC Barcelona. "They sent him to the slaughterhouse without arguments and did the ridiculous. His ignorance of the process was abysmal: desconocía that had sent 19.000 sms of confirmation, that were necessary the DNI and that valued 5.000 ballots randomly", said.

Finally it loaded against the idea of the machine to falsify signatures. "It is that everything is surrealist. Now they complain of the correct signatures because they are too correct. They speak with lightness of machines to falsify signatures, of DNI that besides have to be valid and when they speak of associations do not say the names although I think that refer to Òmnium and to the ANC", sentenced.

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