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The keys to Joan Laporta's new project for FC Barcelona

Published:1/12/2020 - 08:21h

Updated:1/12/2020 - 10:33h

Joan Laporta, ex president of the FC Barcelona, announced officially his precandidatura to the elections of January, as well as the keys of his project

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Officially, Joan Laporta already is precandidato to the elections of the FC Barcelona that will celebrate the next month of January. In his presentation, the ex Barcelona president and applicant to go back to put at the head of the club desveló some of the keys of the project that has prepared for the Barcelona club. It spoke of signings, of the delicate economic situation and of proper names.

It has Leo Messi, but has an alternative plan if it goes

About the captain of the FC Barcelona, was very clear. "Anybody can doubt that Leo Messi wants to to the Barça. It states me. I have not spoken with him of these subjects. It would not be convenient to speak without having faculties to decide. They have to happen the elections. But our relation is of respect and affection. The best for him is to expect to see who wins and which project has. I think that with a good proposal, would decide by the Barça. And to me it knows me. It contemplates that it follow, but have an alternative plan. He wanted to leave this summer, was disappointed by how had treated him , and in this do not go in. But he wants to to the Barça and will give him an opportunity to the club. Already we will have a conversation to help it to decide and that it was the best for him and for the Barça", said.

Joan Laporta also remembered that, in his anteriro stage, could sell him. "It can that have other offers, but he always has had them. In the 2006, Moratti gave me 250 millions and said him that no. To him they gave him a lot money also. There I saw the love of Messi and his family by the Barça. It is to taste in Barcelona, and his family also. Change it by Paris or Manchester... He does not move by the money, although we have to be to the height and it is necessary to recognise to the players and value them professionally.There will be time to speak. It can him do an economic proposal on a long-term basis that it motivate him", commented.


On the incorporations did not want to wet too much, since it considered that first debeverse what there is home. "It would be a lack of respect to the excellent players of the first team speak of this. It is necessary to push them to go to the glory. Desestabilizaríamos To the staff and will not do it. Before fichar, it is necessary to look what there is home, in case have to any of first level. We will be prepared to reinforce the team if it asks it the trainer. The last decision will be of my Board and mine. The technical office will know until where can arrive . Between all will put dedication and work", signalled.

It has Koeman

The ex president of the FC Barcelona ensured that it trusts Ronald Koeman and remembered that has agreement. "It deserves a respect. It wants to to the Barça. It is a big of the Barcelona and has a margin that allows his agreement. We have to be biased to that it do it well. It has not had an easy paper. But has margin. It is our trainer and has agreement", explained.

The paper of Xavi Hernández

Joan Laporta also showed his appreciate by Xavi Hernández, although it left clear that has not spoken with him of his project. "I appreciate him a lot. I have had him of player when it was president and have very good relation. We send us messages of support and spirit. It is of these players of reference for the youngsters. It is a man that knows a lot of football and that has focused his life to the football. Some day his wishes will make in the Barça. I have not spoken with him of the sportive project", commented.

It asks unit to the barcelonismo

Has clear that all have to go to one in moments so complicated. "The unit is not unitarianism. The presidenciables are legitimate and welcome. I have many win. I think that it is good for the entity that there is a lot of because it reinforces the democratic procedure. When it go out a president, have to go all together. All the proposals are welcome. Each one that defend his and that they are the partners those that decide. All will have to help to the that go out, and ojalá was I, because the situation is complicated. It was grudges, does not be necessary to look backwards", condideró.

Sportive structure

Joan Laporta also spoke about the sportive structure that will have his candidature, although it did not give proper names. "Have clear the structure: a trainer that will train; some players that will play well and that will be and will feel valued; a technical office, of my confidence,that fichará; and a president and a board that will command", ensured.

Economic situation

Also it commented how it thinks to manage the economic crisis after the pandemia. "Those who accompany me will work with optimism. The situation is complicated, but can generate new income going in in the digital world. We will take decisions in the reduction of the costs. The Espai Barça, the participation in new competitions, the Barça Corporate... They can represent more income and it is necessary to administer them well. When the partners go back to the stadium also will go back the ticketing", remembered.

Leadership of the Masia

Of course, Joan Laporta went back to ensure that the quarry will be the base of his project, of the same way that already went it in his previous stage like president. "Will turn it into a centre of sportive excellence. The profesionalizaremos even more and will improve it. It is the safe of the economic and sportive feasibility of the club. Have the leadership of Messi would go us very well", explained.

Without pacts with other precandidatos

A lot it had rumoreado that it could aliarse with Víctor Font, but left clear that this is not a possibility. "To these heights, when I present me, the pacts are very difficult to do. Have our project and have it very clear, the same that the people that form it. We will go on with our project. I do not see feasible alliances with other candidates", said.

Return of Pep Guardiola

Also it commented the decision of Pep Guardiola to remain in the Manchester City, although it does not abandon the idea to be able to do him go back in the future. "It is a fellow and if he is happy with his decision, congratulations. As all the culés would like us that it went back and ojalá if I win some day do it. It knew that it remained there and that he was not an option. Neither he neither the Txiki", sentenced.

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