Neymar And Messi embrace  in a goal of the Barça to the Villarreal

It wants to follow with him in the Barça

Barça, listens to Ney: "they Work so that Messi renew"

Published:9/05/2017 - 23:52h

Updated:9/05/2017 - 23:55h

In some wide interviews, Neymar Júnior launched him a message to his FC Barcelona that, of good safe, will have been received willingly at least by the fans. As the Brazilian asked to the culés that worked and closed already the renewal of Leo Messi

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There is not doubt some that all inside the FC Barcelona (managerial, technicians, players and fans) want to close already the renewal of the best player of the World, Leo Messi. Neymar Júnior Is not less and like this showed in a recent interview given for LaLiga World. In this launched him a message to his own team.

I expect that it renew, that the people of the Barça begin to work so that Leo remain with us", affirmed the genius of Sao Paolo. "Ney", that undid in praises to the rosarino in said conversation, confirmed what all want to.

Also it said that the image of Leo teaching the T-shirt to Santiago Bernabéu happen to the history of the football. "It was the best image of the classical, an image for all the life, for the history", sustained.

The vídeollamada between Messi and Neymar after the Classical

Finally, it explained how it gave the famous videollamada with Messi after the party, that attracted the photos. "Had many win to play, after the party called to Messi and speak of the party, took out photos while we spoke", concluded between laughs.

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