The Italian trainer wanted to congratulate to the technician of the fc barcelona luis enrique by the evolution that has had

Capello, of Luis Enrique: "it Has changed the game of the Barça"

Capello, of Luis Enrique: "it Has changed the game of the Barça"

Published:17/01/2016 - 09:16h


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The Italian trainer, now without team, elogió the work made by Luis Enrique in the FC Barcelona and on, all the step to forward that has given the Asturian since it trained to the Rome. "Absolutely, it is necessary to applaud him and say him Bravo!", it affirmed

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The Italian trainer Fabio Capello, myth of the Italian football and that left in two seasons his printing in the Real Madrid, team to the that carried to win two leagues BBVA, wanted to elogiar to the trainer of the FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique. Turned into commentator of television, to Capello asked him on how sees at present to "Struggle" and the Italian finish undoing in praises. It fits to stand out that in Italy the figure of Luis Enrique always has been in entredicho after the campaign that trained to the ACE Rome.

?It is happy and notices him ?, it affirmed a Capello that commented that ?I am happy also by my fellow Franco Baldini, the one who chose it to carry it to the Rome. In Rome said that when it played the team of Luis Enrique could go out to take a coffee, go back to the terracing and that the team continued with the possession, but without approaching to the area of penalti. Obviously, he understood that it had to change something".

And it go if change, first went through the bench of the Celtic of Vigo to go back to enamorar to all the world with a Galician team that practised during his season at the head of the group an offensive football and of very good taste. Now, in the FC Barcelona seems to have reached his climax like trainer after achieving do play to the three tenors Leo Messi, Neymar Júnior and Luis Suárez.

"Had a big experience in the Celtic of Vigo, did to play very well to the Galician group and achieved to approach to the most important teams. But, overcoat, has changed the system of game of the Barcelona, where has found to a big leading centre: Suárez, that can do things that previously all the others players of the same role did not achieve to do. And Messi and Neymar find perfectly with Suárez. It is a team that plays in vertical, and very, very fast",  affirmed the trainer in the microphones of "Fox".

Although for Fabio the team culé still shows some that another lack, especially in his defence, the work made by the gijonés is to applaud. "I create I that has some that another defensive problem, especially in the counterattack because they are not sufficiently fast in the centre of the field. However, I have to congratulate to Luis Enrique, since it went of the Rome has given a big jump and all what has won, has achieved it beginning from zero. Absolutely, it is necessary to applaud him and say him Bravo!", it concluded.

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