The Argentinian actor is a good fellow of the family of read messi

Darín: "I am of Messi and of the Barça, is difficult no enamorarse"

Darín: "I am of Messi and of the Barça, is difficult no enamorarse"

Published:6/11/2015 - 12:05h


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The Argentinian and big actor fellow of Leo Messi and his family, Ricardo Darín, has conceded an interview in which it has spoken of the gift of Leo Messi, of the passion that feels to the FC Barcelona and of why likes him so much the game practised by the culés from does years

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The prestigious Argentinian actor Ricardo Darín, good fellow of the family of Leo Messi, has conceded an extensive interview to the daily "ACE" in which it has spoken especially what joins him with the FC Barcelona and with Messi, as well as of his perplexity by the fact that it seems that Inland revenue only investigate to the players of the Barça. The artist has avoided to pronounce on subjects more controversial, like the increasingly evident relation between the FC Barcelona and the independentism and what thinks he of said political process in Catalonia. In the first place, Darín does not agree with the sanction that imposed him to Javier Mascherano for saying "the shell of your sister".

"It does not seem me a very happy sentence, but inside what is the dynamics and the pulsaciones of a field of game, have listened worse things. Out of context it can be offensive, but have to puntualizar that it did not say "the shell of your mother" but "of your sister", that is not the same. In the familiar scale the sister is underneath of the mother, but is that besides it is a much more colloquial expression. Even one says it to him to himself same".

"When hila fine, looking for him the peel to the egg, go it to him to find", comments the Argentinian actor. And neither it understands the judicial problems of the players of the Barça. "The question is why goes out to the light this subject of the Barça? It is that there are not more footballers with this type of problems? There is a lot of suspicacias. There is a contention that can be that have something that see with the political question. I do not know it, but I do me questions".

Darín Has abstained to pronounce on the process independentista. "I do not go me to put to guitarrear with a so delicate subject, so important and so weighed like that. I suppose that those that raise this flag his reasons will have and understand perfectly to which are against because no only would raise a crack in the Spanish territory but besides it would wake up consciousnesses until today reassured. I go to be all the careful that indicates the situation and go me to abstain".

And it explains why it is of the Barça and no of another team. "No only it is Messi. It is incredible what has done the Barça in the last decade. It created a so participatory game, so of connection and with so much patience that now all the world plays like this. But then the Barça invented an exceptional game of half field in which they participated Iniesta, Xavi, Busquets. That generated a level of game very high. If on we add him to a boy with a gift futbolístico like Messi, is difficult no enamorarse".

They have asked after him what Diego Armando Maradona has an upper dimension to the one of Leo Messi in Argentina. "By a question of personality and temperament. Diego always was contestatario, controversial, irreverent. It went to play to one of the poorest teams of Italy as it was the Naples and did him win two scudetti. The contexts also are important".

And it does not think that Messi played a bad party against the selection of Germany in the final of the World-wide of Brazil. "I go to say a thing that sure goes me to bring enemies: Messi played an extraordinary party in the final of the last World-wide. The thing is that it did not go out him any. And as we are resultadistas seems that it did not do at all. But I invite them to see a recording that calls "Messi versus Germany" with a camera that follows to the footballer during the party".

It does not transmit him at all good José Mourinho. "I do not know who is Mourinho. They slip me those that think that are more than the other, those that believe the decimoprimer mandamiento. I am not fanatical of at all". And it does not have at all against of Cristiano Ronaldo, that seems him a phenomenon like player. "It is a grandísimo player, is a beast, an animal, has hit and encare, and a lot of speed. Surely it has the misfortune to have to cohabit in the same era with Messi, but are two distinct players, would not dare me to compare them. They are two phenomena. It likes me more the type of player that is Messi, but no because it do not like me Cristiano Ronaldo. It is more, I will say him that in the Play I game with the Real Madrid", has concluded the prestigious actor.

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