Diop: "If we had wanted, the ones of the Barça go out in stretcher"

Diop: "If we had wanted, the ones of the Barça go out in stretcher"

Published:7/01/2016 - 11:22h


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The African midfield player of the Espanyol that was expelled by direct red card in the Camp Nou after abusing reiteradamente to Luis Suárez in the "derbi" of Glass of Rey, Diop, defended to his team ensuring that they were not aggressive because, justified, "has not seen blood"

Ticket - Gone in FC Barcelona vs Granada - League J19
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

In case it was not little the controversy after the "derbi" of Glass of the King between FC Barcelona and Espanyol in the Camp Nou of this past Wednesday, in which they jumped sparks, one of the players of the group blanquiazul that they were expelled by behaviour antideportiva, Diop, ensured in statements conceded in mixed zone that the footballers of the Espanyol had not been aggressive, justifying that "it has not seen blood" and that "if we had wanted, the ones of the Barça go out in stretcher".

"I do not want to say what said (to Luis Suárez) but is not the first time that two players say ugly things", began the African midfield player, that did not dare to give the face and reveal to the fans what said him to Luis Suárez on the lawn of the Camp Nou. It thinks that the Espanyol was intense. "We go us hot, to the Barça can not them put the red carpet because they put us ten. We have to play with intensity". This yes, does not think that the Espanyol was aggressive.

"You can not say that we are violent. It has not seen blood. If we had wanted to the ones of the Barça go out in stretcher. If we play against teams like the Barça and can not put him intensity because they take us out cards as at all", commented the footballer, that trusts can trace back the eliminatory in the party of turn, that will contest in Cornellà-The Prat next week. "We are the Espanyol, in our field have to go out strong. With these fans that have is not impossible", said.

The Espanyol did gala of foul play

First with Pau López that finish the party too sobreexcitado, having his more and his less with Luis Suárez in the first-half and assaulting lamentably to Leo Messi in the second. An action that had to mean penalti and expulsion of the guardameta, but that the referee of the party, in a lot of moments accomplice, did not see and, therefore, did not signal.

Already in the last twenty minutes of the meeting the despair of the ones of Cornellà was such that finish with two players expelled. First it was Hernán Pérez the one who did a fault on Jordi Alba and carried the second caution of the meeting. Afterwards, the midfield player Diop abused to Luis Suárez and, with Munuera by half, finish being expelled of direct form.

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