A partner votes in the last elections of the Barça


A group of partners of the Barcelona looms with impugning the elections

Published:28/01/2021 - 19:31h

Updated:28/01/2021 - 19:31h

The partners of the Catalan square that live out of Spain ask to vote by post, although this option only allows for which are inside the country

Calendar of FC Barcelona

Independently of the result, the elections of the next 7 March to the presidency of the Barcelona will accumulate sufficient anecdotes, histories and incidents to write them in a book. As if the "taking and daca" between the president of the Agent Carles Tusquets and the precandidato Joan Laporta by the signing of Eric García was not surprising, has joined now the threat of a group of willing partners to impugn the elections.

The referred group corresponds to those partners that reside abroad, which will not be able to travel to Barcelona by fault of the pandemia and the restrictions as a result of the same and that ask that they leave them vote by post. The problem, is that the club only allows the vote by post in the Spanish territory, by what the other partners will have to do it in person This impossibility to vote by post has carried to this group of partners, that in his majority reside in the south of France, to pose a possible impugnation. Like this it gave it to know in an interview with BEING Catalonia Michel Cave, the one who is spokesman of the group:

"We want to defend to the foreign partners that can not vote neither by post. Right now, by sanitary subject, can not go to Catalonia to vote. And if we go, probably we can not go back and if at the end we go back, we have to be a week confined. When they announced the vote by post, gladden us. I vote by post in the Spanish elections. I have voted in the 2015, but now can not do it. We go to send a query to the Agent".

And it added: "we Are partners and have the right like any one to vote. This right it is necessary to respect it. If we have to impugn the elections so that it respect our right, will do it. For now only we are it thinking, at all official. The impugnation would be after the elections because we still do not know how would be the mobility and restrictions for this day".

Problems to vote

Another of the problems that ails them, is that, when being the Barcelona an entity deprived can not use the embassies neither the Spanish consulates so that the partners abroad can exert the right to the vote, by what the possibility to use the same already descartada. Another option, would be if it implanted the electronic vote, so that all the partners can vote to distance.

According to the electoral census that did official the club this week, 3% of the partners of the Barcelona reside out of Spain. Taking into account that the total census of partners that can vote is of 110.552, are speaking of a total of some 3.500 partners that will not be able to vote if they follow keeping the restrictions of mobility. However, diverse legal experts considered that the impugnation could not having repercussions, even less if no flexibilizan for the day of the election the restrictions of mobility.

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