The Barcelona midfield player will be the one who guie to the fc barcelona in front of the athletic of bilbao in saint mamés

Iniesta capitaneará to the Barça in Saint Mamés, only stadium that him pita always

Iniesta capitaneará to the Barça in Saint Mamés, only stadium that him pita always

Published:16/01/2016 - 19:07h


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The midfield player manchego will be with almost all security title in front of the Athletic this Wednesday in the gone of chambers of Glass in a field, Saint Mamés, where does years that is him hostile. The only field that receives with whistles to an Iniesta that will treat to turn into applauses

Ticket - Gone in FC Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao - Glass
Ticket - Entrances Athletic Bilbao vs FC Barcelona - Glass
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

From it does a few years that the midfield player of the FC Barcelona Andrés Iniesta is received in the cathedral of the Saint football Mamés with audible pitadas. Something that contrasts, precisely, with what happens in the rest of fields of all Spain where, in spite of the colour and the feeling that have to the Barça, Iniesta always will be Don Andrés and always will sack him or will greet with an enclosed ovation.

All since it marked that goal in the World-wide of South Africa of 2010 in the extention in front of Holland and that served him to the Spanish selection to heave his only trophy mundialista. Until Santiago Bernabéu surrenders to him! Something that contrasts a lot with the recibimiento that just from this same season, the 2010-2011 the field of the Athletic of Bilbao dispenses him to the of Fuentealbilla.

And it is that in this campaign a tremenda lacking of Fernando Amorebieta with the swearwords of the two legs by in front gave with the eight Barcelona by the floors. The referee of the party do not doubt in expelling to the Hispanic-Venezuelan, that went to changing rooms in front of the get angry of the public to the trencilla and the player lesionado. The fans rojiblanca thought (and still keeps) the premise that Andrés exaggerated and simulated an entrance that dress five years afterwards follows seeming of red direct and penalty of prison.

However, this action can be an excuse for the Basque fans that neither sees, from a lot of sectors, with good eyes that goal in the World-wide because of his rooted Basque nationalism. Besides, this relation of love-hate followed latent when it does two seasons asked him to Iniesta if it resulted him moving the play the last party in the old Saint Mamés, to what the footballer answered with a refusal since for him was "a field more".

A firewood thrown to the fire that did prender more the bonfire of animadversión to the Spanish midfield player. It is thus that for Iniesta the parties in front of the Athletic and in the Basque Country are special, as in them shows that it is done of another paste. Like this then , and in front of the absence of two cracks like Leo Messi and Luis Suárez, Iniesta capitaneará beside Neymar the Barcelona attack in research to leave encarrilada the eliminatory of quarter-finals of the Glass of Rey.

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