The Catalan defender is the fifth head office of the fc barcelona and follows without terner options

It will finish him the patience to Marc Bartra in the Barça?

It will finish him the patience to Marc Bartra in the Barça?

Published:25/01/2016 - 10:07h


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The Catalan sees as they consume the parties of the Barcelona and his presence in these does not increase. Marc Bartra carries almost two months without being headline and neither explains in the main rotations of Luis Enrique, being the fifth head office. In spite of this, do not want to him was

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The patience of the central of the FC Barcelona Marc Bartra begins to seem increasingly to the one of the biblical figure of saint Job the one who, according to the Catholic religion, had to subject to hard penalidades to test his faith. Something like what is occurring him to a Bartra that fulfils in this 2015-2016 his fourth season like footballer of the first team of the Barça and his numbers are every time worse.

A suffering that the footballer suffers in silence and that has carried him to turn into the fifth head office of the team of Luis Enrique this season after seeing how happened him the headlines Gerard Hammered and Javier Mascherano, to the equal that the French Jeremy Mathieu and the Belgian Thomas Vermaelen. Everything without having made any performance that have been able to cause said stigmatisation, to exception of the defeat by four goals to zero in front of the Athletic of Bilbao in the gone of the Supercopa, a party in which it was headline but that did not do it worse that the others ten men that were on the green.

That was one of the eight meetings that has contested in all the season going out from the start. The last was in front of the Bayern Leverkusen on 9 December when his did not play at all in Champions, as they already were classified for eighth like leaders. In League BBVA his last party dates of 25 October in front of the Eibar. In total has contested 920 minutes, by the 1040 of Vermaelen or the 1419 of Mathieu. In the last party in front of the Málaga, "Struggle" could put it first by Vermaelen and afterwards by Adriano happening to Mathieu to the side, but did not do it.

It is by all this and with the numbers in the hand that does to think that Bartra have been able to happen to be a future promise of the defence blaugrana to be already a player stagnated to his 24 years of age. Although hardly it plays with his team, the seleccionador Vicente of the Forest yes that trusts he and has carried him to the last announcements of his. But however, recently it has said that needs to play more to go to the Eurocopa of France of this summer, what increases the anxiety of the own player.

"We do not go him to leave go out, very safe"

It is thus that several clubs have interested by his situation, but the answer of his trainer and of the technical secretary is always the same: it remains . In fact, Robert Fernández said recently that "we do not go him to leave go out, very safe". Words that coincide with the ones of Luis Enrique that expects to finish moldeándolo when first it affirms that his pupilo will not go neither yielded neither traspasado, but that it has to improve to play more.

By the moment Seville and Schalke, among others, have called to the door having the refusal of the club. So much the footballer like his representatives have preferred not moving index card and expect trusting that his situation change. What seems clear is that if it does not do it during these months, the safest is that when finalising the season look for the habichuelas in another place. Since it settled already with index card of the first team in the season 2012-2013 until the current, only has contested 88 meetings of which has been headline in 62 opportunities. Data that do to think a lot the feasibility to turn into the eternal segundón of the team, in his recent case, the fifth.

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