The guardameta Chilean speech of the dynamics of the fc barcelona is season

"It would be a madness say that I am dissatisfied in the Barça"

"It would be a madness say that I am dissatisfied in the Barça"

Published:31/10/2015 - 13:22h


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The Chilean goalkeeper of the Barça, Claudio Bravo, has conceded an interview in which it has spoken of some appearances of the Barcelona actuality and also of the a lot of that is costing him to the team take out this season the parties advance without the presence of Messi

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In an extensive interview conceded to the newspaper "Sport", Claudio Bravo has spoken on the dynamics of the FC Barcelona in this principle of season and of the a lot of that is costing him win the parties without the presence on the terrains of game of Leo Messi, although this handicap precisely is helping to the team to improve in other facets of the game. For the moment, it could say that the Barça are "surviving". "The survival always is here".

"And more tied to our activity. We have had parties in which the things have not gone out with the clarity that of habit, but always have had solvency and hierarchy, have known to take out the parties forward. These things help us a lot in the plane of the learning, in the fact to follow adding things. No always we go to win by 6-0 and giving show. Sometimes it occurs the contrary. Now we have known to give the turn to parties that have begun losing, have known to grow and of these lessons take out positive conclusions".

Claudio Bravo does not show concerned by the fact to fit goals, since it is safe that the atypical situation that faces in the actuality the FC Barcelona will finish changing with the step of the time. "It can be, but everything bases in the numbers because it compares with the past season, when we fit very few goals. We have to be calm because it is the same base of players of the past course, know how act, know the form. It is question of time. We have to prepare us the best possible and already will come better series to feel us solider and more arropados. We have to trust more than ever in our game and in our conditions. And trust more than ever in the mate that have at the side, behind or in front".

Bravo gives a lot of importance to the fact to have like mates to Neymar, Luis Suárez and Leo Messi. "They do you feel calm. When it touches you do an important stop know that they go to take out the face by the team afterwards. They give him more value to your interventions because you know that possibly the following played was goal". The Chilean has elogiado to the Uruguayan forward.

"From the first moment that came knew that had many win to triumph, to do the things well. It is a goleador born and has done it incredible, sum in the field and in the changing room, opens us a lot of parties with his game, his fight and his characteristics. Only it remains us congratulate him and support him with our game". And it shows happy that Neymar take responsibilities with the absence of Leo Messi. "Already the fact to play here in the Barça demands a lot of responsibility. All have very clear which is our paper and Ney, to his short age, has a lot of experience, weight and hierarchy. Already it has it assumed, partly. It takes the responsibility and is good for the team see that a player takes the flag in some moments of the game seeing the quality that has. It benefits us".

Bravo ensures not having any problem with Ter Stegen in spite of the rivalry between both, and does not think that the goal of the Rome of does a month was fault of Ter Stegen. "It does not like me think, are not subjects directly mine. I do not want to do controversial because any things that say can relate with a conflict that there is not. One sees press, go out things... And there is not at all of this to the margin that one play a competition or another. They are decisions of the technician and are to improve to the team". Now, everything is the same that the past season: Bravo plays the League and Ter Stegen the Champions. "It is not mine task say if I want to play League, if I want to play Champions, if I want to play Glass... The mine has to be prepare me well, of the best possible form, train me well for when it touch me play, act well. All have capacity to see these things".

"It does not remain me another that prepare me well and be to disposal of the technician, do it the best possible. I want to compete in all the competitions, in all the fronts. But it is thing of the míster decide who plays in each competition. We are in the work to contribute what ask us ".

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