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Laporta: "I see myself as a candidate to preside over Barça"

Published:24/12/2019 - 07:43h

Updated:24/12/2019 - 07:43h

It has been years since the head of Joan Laporta, former president of FC Barcelona, ​​happens to have the opportunity to be in command of the Barça entity and he recognized it

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Joan Laporta was the president of the FC Barcelona between 2003 and 2010 and won big quantity of titles with the Barcelona club. His sportive successes follow him giving credibility to cover a new project at the head of the entity and, every time that it can, does not lose the occasion to insinuate his return and to do criticism of the current managerial. It went back it to do in the program 'Your diràs' of RAC1.

In fact, Laporta ensured that it is preparing a new project in case it decides to present to the elections of 2022. "I see me again like candidate to chair the Barça. I do not see to any candidate of my taste. Still it is missing a time, although I will posit me six months before, surely. I follow the actuality of the Barça and am preparing a plan of action. I am preparing a proposal for the future of the club", commented.

Besides, in case to present , sees to Gerard Hammered like successor. "It would not be badly that if I present me, afterwards follow me Gerard Hammered like president, because I consider it an ideal person. It knows the club, is culé, player of the basic football, the best head office of the history of the Barça and has character and capacity of work. It has showed that is ready", said.

"It would be well that if I present me to president afterwards follow me Hammered"

Also it explained why it did not attend to the act of homage to the Sextete. "I was not because had familiar commitments, invited me very just of time and gave me the feeling that no would give him the commemoration that deserved. I thought that already there will be more opportunities to commemorate this ephemeris", affirmed.

It pronounced , besides, on the mix between politics and sport of the last months. "I am in favour that they use the sportive events to do political claims. It is affecting the terrible moment that lives Catalonia with exiled and represaliados, in an improper situation, that will not be in Christmas with his families", manifested.

On Leo Messi​, thinks that still remain him a lot of years in the elite. "I think that will have Messi for while. He already knows and knows dosificarse to give greater performance. It shows it playing further back, and is what want to all. To Leo it is necessary to renew it always, from the economic point of view because from the human and sportive point of view, feels to taste", aimed.

His stage like president

Laporta Also spoke on his stage like president culé, remembering the 2-6 of Santiago Bernabéu against the Real Madrid. "It was fundamental to win the League and have to aspire to play like that Barça, looking for the excellence as then, with a big system of game, very versatile, with Messi like reference, but there was a spirit of team and basic joy, so that a team seats winning and have a good time in all the competitions", said.

The bet by Guardiola like technician, besides, was unanimous: "The decision had it taken from the February and did not cost us. Only we had had to Rjkaard first and Guardiola could build the team of dream. It was not difficult. There was an internal debate, and wanted to that it was unanimously. Until I did not have it, I did not stop to summon managerial boards, until three, but went unanimously".

Also it commented the difficult decision to sell to Ronaldinho and Deco when Guardiola arrived. "Ronnie already saw that that season was not the best. With Deco happened something alike, it was necessary to change the leaderships of the team.But Ronnie was one of the artífices that Read was one of the best players of the history", sentenced.

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