Luis Suárez, in the previous press conference of the Barça-PSG

Before the traced back in front of the PSG

Luis Enrique and Luis Suárez nailed it: "we Can put six"

Published:9/03/2017 - 19:52h

Updated:10/03/2017 - 20:39h

The trainer of the FC Barcelona, Luis Enrique, and the leading centre Luis Suárez already warned it before making history: "Until the minute 95". Even they went even more there and they left clear that the Barça could annotate six goals to Paris Saint-Germain

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It ran the minute 95 when Neymar Júnior, after recovery magistral of Ter Stegen in field of the PSG, launched a candy to the heart of the rival area. There it glided Sergi Roberto, perhaps pushed by the weight of the history. It planted and it had his right foot of perfect form so that the spherical struck in east and finish surpassing to the cancerbero rival. It was the minute 95, the last instant of a party that had needed of a lot of, a lot of faith.

The same that showed Luis Enrique and Luis Suárez in previous press conference to the crash. The two left clear that it was necessary to trust until the last instant, exhaust the possibilities and squeeze them to the end. These went through to mark six, the two nailed it. They knew that the Frenchmen went to have it and went to mark, by what needed three historical goals that they already vaticinaron.

"We are conscious that the hard party 94-95 minutes, have to be patient, no desperately. We can not go back us crazy, we are the first that we want to give the turn to the situation, go in in the history, but have to play with tranquility", analysed the "gunman" before forming part of the history.

"They know that we are able to do them a lot of damage with the balloon"

"In the football at all is impossible. If a team can do four goals is the Barça, but always with our form to play. We are conscious that we play in front of a big rival", added to affirm on a so much of Paris Saint-Germain, as at the end it occurred, that say that they would be deleted thus "it would be very hasty to affirm this. They know that we are able to do them a lot of damage with the balloon. We do not have to play hasty. This is a beautiful challenge, is difficult, but is not impossible. The group is joined, the bloated, and will try to give the turn to the eliminatory".

Luis Enrique: "If a team put us 4, we can do 6"

Luis Enrique Martínez went further and left clear that his could sign six goals. "They have happened a lot of things, with a calendar like which have, and arrive with good feelings. We are optimistic and tomorrow go to try that they give all the favourable situations. If a team can mark us four, we can mark him six", declared the Asturian.

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