Marcelo called "silly" to a journalist of "channel plus"

Marcelo lost the papers and called "silly" to a journalist!

Marcelo lost the papers and called "silly" to a journalist!

Published:21/11/2015 - 20:56h


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The left side of the Real Madrid and one of the captains of the team, Marcelo, lost the papers in mixed zone when a journalist of "Channel Plus" said him that perhaps it had been missing attitude in some players of the white team in the Classical. The Brazilian called him "silly"

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They say that the captains of the teams have to know save always the forms and keep the composure in all the situations to give example to his mates and also to the fans, but that was not the case with Marcelo, to the one who the questions of one of the journalists of "Channel Plus" put quite nervous in mixed zone after the Classical contested between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona this Saturday in Santiago Bernabéu. The Brazilian side, frustrated by the result of the party, bothered when the reporter said him that perhaps it had been missing "attitude" on the terrain of game by part of some players of the Real Madrid.

Marcelo angered and called him even silly "", although afterwards they did the peaces. "We are the Real Madrid and go to be followed litigating. Today it did not be attitude because we do not go down the arms. You have played to the football? I always give the face. But you are silly with this that say", said the footballer, that afterwards withdrew his words when the journalist of "Channel Plus" said him that the of the fault of attitude had said it like an opinion of the seen from out of the field, without will to be missing to the respect. Marcelo, besides, left clear that the team is "to death" with Rafa Benítez. "With Carlo were two years, but with Benítez are to death".

Although the team can seem entirely distinct with a trainer and another, Marcelo ensures that it is the same. "I do not see differences, the truth. Only a bit. But it is difficult and more in parties like the one of today that go tired". Now, the Real Madrid faces a very hard situation, being to six points of distance of the FC Barcelona in the classification of League BBVA 2015-16. "The situation is dificil, but have gone through situations harder and strong. It hurts because we were in our house, in a party like this... And we have not known to do the things well. It is necessary to forget it, see the things that have done badly and learn. First it is necessary to ask pardon to to the fans, because it did not see the game that wanted to do. We go to be followed struggling as it has to struggle ".

The Real Madrid could not snatch the possession to the FC Barcelona. "We have tried to have the balloon, but the game of them always is the possession and have had it. We tried to recover the balloon, but is difficult to run behind the balloon. We have tried to do a party of face, to the attack, but has not been possible. Pardon to the fans and to be followed".

On the pañolada of the Bernabéu, ensured that the fans always has right to show his opinion. "The fans has right to protest and shout to his team when the things do not go well. We have tried to do everything to win. Sometimes it can not , but we have tried it. Now it is necessary to struggle, raise the head". Now, the Real Madrid is very touched anímicamente. "Of course that is very touched, but have to change already to go back to win and leave to the Madrid where has to be".

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