The preparador of goalkeepers of the espanyol admits the error of the put blanquiazul

N'Kono: "Pau López made a mistake with the pisotón to Leo Messi"

N'Kono: "Pau López made a mistake with the pisotón to Leo Messi"

Published:10/01/2016 - 17:59h


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The trainer of goalkeepers of the Espanyol and mythical ex guardameta of the group perico, Thomas N'Kono, has conceded some statements in which it has ensured that "Pau López made a mistake with the pisotón to Messi", and that like this said it to him privately shortly after the Barça-Espanyol

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In some statements conceded to the program "To the Against" of Radius 4G, the preparador of goalkeepers of the Espanyol, Thomas N'Kono, has carried out some statements in which it has ensured that the guardameta title of the group blanquiazul, Pau López, made a mistake when stepping to Leo Messi in the Camp Nou during the party of gone of the eighth of final of the Glass of the King 2015-16. "It made a mistake and I said it to him of private form. It is in the phase of learning, the people has to understand it".

N'Kono Ensures that to the young guardameta of the Espanyol have not affected him the criticisms. "It is calm. The people can not despise it by his age. We are professional and deserves the same respect that all by part of all, was by part of the best of the world or no".

On the big existent rivalry between FC Barcelona and Espanyol, although a team was to years light of the another, has commented the following: "Always it has existed rivalry. All want to win, but this does not mean that we are missing us to the respect". In fact, the Cameroonian ensures that one of the bases of the football is the respect between mates of profession.

"The words of any team hurt you. The respect to the mate is very important". Finally, it has valued that, in his opinion, Kiko Box is better goalkeeper that Keylor Navas for the Real Madrid, affirming that it would have to be headline. "It is question of tastes, to me likes me more. I would put it to title. I do not want to say that Keylor was bad goalkeeper, but I consider that the characteristics of Kiko Box are better" for the goal of the Real Madrid.

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