The ones of luis enrique put pressure to the real madrid thanks to the goals of neymar and suárez

Neymar Did to madden to the Camp Nou with worthy magic of Balloon of Gold (3-0)

Neymar Did to madden to the Camp Nou with worthy magic of Balloon of Gold (3-0)

Published:8/11/2015 - 22:39h


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The FC Barcelona imposed to the Villarreal in the Camp Nou (3-0) thanks to a combativa second part in which the "beak and shovel" of Busquets, Neymar, Suárez, Munir and company served for derrumbar the defensive wall of the "yellow submarine". Neymar And Suárez, goleadores

FC Barcelona 3-0 Villarreal - Video summary and goals of the party
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Luis Enrique did not want to reserve to anybody for the party against the Villarreal in the Camp Nou, conscious that the ones of Marcelino García Toral do not find to four points of the led in League BBVA by chance. With a centre of the field formed by three players in state of grace, Iniesta, Busquets and Sergi Roberto, the FC Barcelona controlled from the beginning the possession and the weight of the duel distributing the spherical with criterion and relative ease during the first minutes, although the "yellow submarine" precisely had like objective hamper it with the presence of five midfield players in the eleven.

The Villarreal armoured very well the inner passages to the edge of his own area, what caused in determinate occasions that the lines of pass culés were too horizontal to measure that approached to Aréola. In the minute 7, however, Luis Suárez did all a statement of intentions when testing luck from out of the area to pass of Munir, although the shot did not take placing and left raso by the background line. A minute afterwards, the Uruguayan would sign a played identical but from the contrary band to pass of Neymar, with a shot that went back to go out diverted but that consecrated the first approaches of the Barça.

With a constant battle in a centre of the most populated field that of habit, the forwards had more spaces when the ball surpassed the line of means. The attacks culés were used to to shut to the Villarreal in his area maturing the party with patience, whereas the "yellow submarine" replegaba to have of occasions to the counterattack, in a marked meeting during the first twenty minutes by the shortage of clear opportunities of goal. In one of them, however, a balloon divided was spliced from out of the area by Alves, although afterwards it left repelled to corner by the defence visitor. Roberto Soldered was all the too alone time in the tip of attack of the Villarreal, hardly without receiving balloons and surrounded always of three or four Barcelona.

The Barça crashes against the wall of the Villarreal

The ones of Marcelino showed solids backwards and solvent defensivamente, reading well some attacks of the Barça always desconectados in the last pass. In spite of everything, the monologue culé every time was doing clearer with the FC Barcelona governing the crash to the edge of the rival area, with a Villarreal constantly shut in his own field and at all accustomed to this. Neymar Liked in the minute 24 dribbling from the left band and going back crazy to Mario Gaspar and Bonera, but his played finished in the hands of Aréola. Munir The Haddadi also stood out, but more by his good desmarques generating space and his defensive helps that by played individual.

Two minutes after the exhibition in the "dribbling" of Neymar, the FC Barcelona went out like a wave to the counterattack in a played in that Mathieu, playing of head office but deploying ofensivamente, starred a powerful shot repelled by the young French goalkeeper of the Valencian group. The Barça dominated during the first half hour with 75% of possession of the spherical, but the shortage of occasions no fraguó said control in the marker.

To fault of ten minutes for the end of the first part, however, the meeting began to heat with the protests justified of the players of the FC Barcelona by the arbitration of Clos Gómez, the one who did not mark a clear fault on Andrés Iniesta to the edge of the rival area and instead to continuation taught a yellow to the manchego for protesting, just after a distinguished fault to Dani Alves. The momentary get angry general, however, did not contribute to the hour to improve the freshness of ideas in attack, where began to be missing rapidity in the combinations between Neymar, Suárez and Munir, more predictable that in the last parties in front of a Villarreal very very structured.

Busquets and Neymar desequilibran the party

The second part started afresh with the referee, Clos Gómez, of hapless leading. The referee, after a neutral boat, decided to admonish incomprensiblemente to Suárez and to Neymar, although the Uruguayan only had done him the gesture of the balloon with the hands. The public, that from the last chamber of hour of the first time already had taken him the matrícula to the referee, coreó a "what bad are" from the terracings that prolonged during a minute. The referee's controversy seemed to light to the FC Barcelona collectively, since few seconds afterwards achieved hilar a good played collective finish with a finish to the stick of Dani Alves, very forced.

With the Villarreal again shut in his own field and playing like a small team and no like the fifth qualifier of the League BBVA, the Barça increased the intensity to arrive before to all parts and have of more mobility in offensive lines. In the minute 8 of the second part Luis Suárez finished of form diverted a centre of fault of Neymar Jr, but to part of this played isolated the first ten minutes of the second half did not have too much history.

The constant losses of time of the goalkeeper of the Villarreal, besides, contributed to light to the public of the Camp Nou just before Neymar Jr annotated the first goal of the party after a recovery sensacional of Busquets. The one of Badia recovered a balloon in the frontal of the area and, in tenth of second, saw the desmarque of the Brazilian to plant a precise pass in depth that Neymar used to mark his tenth goal in the championship of League BBVA, consecrating like "Pichichi". Three minutes afterwards the FC Barcelona could sentence the meeting with a shot point-blank of Andrés Iniesta after a good combination with Suárez, but Aréola covered well the spaces and trapped the spherical without problems.

Munir And Luis Suárez sentence the crash

In the minute 66 of party, a good played individual of Neymar Jr in the zone of means finished with lacking constants of Jonathan Two Saints, that surprisingly by enésima time saved of the yellow card of a Clos Gómez more empeñado in fixing in the protests of the players of the FC Barcelona that in the hard game practised by several footballers visitors. With a yellow to his backs and the possibility of not playing the Classical in case to see the second cardboard, however, Neymar knew to control in front of the provocations of the Villarreal.

In spite of everything, the FC Barcelona would sentence the party few minutes afterwards thanks to a good confined to the area of Munir The Haddadi, that caused a very clear penalti of Jaume Coast. Neymar Jr Yielded the responsibility to his "brother" Luis Suárez, that after giving three steps to backwards attained to deceive perfectly to Aréola with a shot raso and crusader. The second goal desmoronó to the Villarreal, leaving the control of the party to favour of a Barça that followed looking for put it contrary, although dosificando efforts and thinking in the Classical of 21 November against the Madrid.

Neymar Jr, this yes, would have time still to do madden to the public of the Camp Nou with a golazo worthy of Balloon of Gold. In full counterattack, Luis Suárez assisted to Neymar so that this put a hat to his defender, rotando on himself same for afterwards define to perfection against Aréola, powerless in front of the magic and desparpajo of the big Brazilian star of the FC Barcelona, increasingly "Pichichi" with 11 goals in 11 days of League BBVA 2015-16.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 3-0 Villarreal

FC Barcelona, 3: Bravo; Alves, Hammered, Mathieu, Jordi Alba; Sergio Busquets, Sergi Roberto, Iniesta; Munir The Haddadi (Sandro, 78'), Luis Suárez and Neymar Jr.
Villarreal, 0: Aréola; Mario Gaspar, Bonera, Víctor Ruiz, Jaume Coast; Jonathan, Bruno, Pina (Bakambu, 65'), Castillejo, Denis Suárez; Soldier.

Goals of the party: Neymar Jr, 60'; Luis Suárez, 68'; Neymar Jr, 85'.
Referee: Clos Gómez.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the eleventh day of League BBVA 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou to the 16.00 hours.

Next party: Real Madrid-Barça (League BBVA 2015-16 J12)

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