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Now it is the PSG the one who saves silence by Neymar

Published:23/07/2017 - 16:25h

Updated:23/07/2017 - 16:30h

Although still there is not at all clear, the attitude of the PSG with regard to the signing of Neymar has changed. After the revolcón of the Frenchmen in his debut in the International Champions Cup the statements changed, centring more in his own team that in the Brazilian

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Still they remain some movements in the chessboard that has converted the signing of Neymar, but for the moment the PSG has had to step backwards. Although the relations between the father of the Brazilian and the FC Barcelona still are not the best, the deafening debut of the French in the International Champions Cup has forced them to change of strategy, forgetting by a day of the forward and looking to his own changing room to do strong.

The first in doing it was Unai Emery, that if it does some days left to fall that his team could interest by one of the best of the world, now turned his speech to his own footballers. "For me the most important players are those that have here. We can not divert the attention of our daily work. Now we have to work to improve and can face of the best way the next parties in front of the Monaco and the Juventus", aimed the technician, no very happy after the defeat in front of the Tottenham.

The bad image that the Parisians offered in front of the English did mella in his intentions, that forgot quickly of the signings. Like this it warned it Thiago Motta, that explained that "they are the rumours that appear every year, but this year speaks a bit more since Neymar is a big player, one of the best of the world. The players, however, do not decide the one who comes and the one who does not come".

The last in pronouncing was Edinson Cavani, the more rotundo in his comments: "Neymar? I create in my mates. The day that arrive a new reinforcement, will speak. Now only I think in my team, in the fans and in the club. The other already will see".

Neither trace of the Brazilians

Although they could be one of the keys of the course of Neymar of the Barça by his wide presence in the PSG, the members of the Brazilian clan of the Park of the Princes did not want to speak on the subject after the meeting of the International Champions Cup.

Neither Dani Alves, neither Thiago Silva, neither Marquinhos, neither Lucas Moura. The cameras did not attract to any of the cariocas thinking on the arrival of his compatriot, the other way around of what had happened in the last days, in which even it had kidded with his possible landing in Paris. It will be necessary to expect, but for the moment the PSG now saves silence.

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