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Ray and Barça confront this Thursday

Paco Jémez: "The three that has the Barça up does not have them anybody"

Published:1/03/2016 - 09:38h

Updated:1/03/2016 - 19:42h

The trainer of the Ray Vallecano, Paco Jémez, has praised to the team to the that will confront this next Thursday in Vallecas, during the day of League BBVA intersemanal. The technician rayista does not think that to the FC Barcelona of Luis Enrique can him escape the League this season

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In an interview concedia to "MD", Paco Jémez has reviewed some of the keys of the Ray Vallecano-FC Barcelonaof this Thursday and has spoken of other questions related so much with the party as with the Barcelona and also his personal future, since it already chains four consecutive seasons training to the Ray Vallecano, and is possible that renew by another more to the term of the present campaign, as long as they fulfil the aims. "We carry seven consecutive days without losing, although I think that would have to have won some party more. We arrive replaced of a first turn that did not paint at all well because do 15 points in the first turn are very few to save you".

"We understood that ours second turn would have to be better if no, did not go to have options. To these heights carry 11 points, almost the same that what take out in the first turn and to the team see it quite well. It is true that have quite a lot of drops between which had and those that produced the other day in Seville. People that was in a big moment like Miku, Jozabed or Pablo that possibly we do not go to be able to have they and go us to try recomponer", has analysed. As it is natural, sees to the FC Barcelona in a moment of impressive form.

"All the teams have his pros and his contras, the fundamental to win him to a team like the Madrid or like the Barça is to have a staff chord to the level that demands you . I see very difficult that the Barça lose a party in front of a rival that was not of his category, that can happen and to this hold us all the small teams when we confront us to the big, that a silly day has it any one and will try that it was the silly day of the Barça and that we have the day with more talent and more tarpaulin that can have".

"Any team has these three players"

"I see to the Madrid, with some connotations, to the Athletic and to the Barça losing split when they confront between them or to Chelsea, a Manchester, a Bayern, but when a team carries 34 parties invicto and has gone through all the best of the best, is clear that easy does not have to be, but our obligation is to take advantage of to the maximum the opportunities that have, are a lot of or few, and not to base it everything in the result, if no in this party play a lot of things, we play us a lot of things and if this gives us for a good result, well; and if no, we will try to take out conclusions".

It has undone in praises to Messi, Neymar and Luis Suárez. "The big difference that has the Barça with the others teams that can have more or less the same budget is up. Any team has these three players. There are teams that probably have a player that could be to the level of them three, but three does not have them anybody. If me apuras a lot, any can have two, but three so big and so definite like them does not have them anybody. This to the hour to play gives you tranquility, because you know that with them, with the support of the team, sooner or later goes to fall a goal".

"For us it is a challenge the confront us to the best of the world and go to see what are able to do in front of them. I when it was defence and confronted me to a rival that had a big forward like these, what tried to do is the party of my life, knowing that I do not have at all that lose and a lot that win because probably do him a big labeling to Messi or to Neymar or to Luis Suárez supposes you a lot of and, go back to repeat, not being constantly got obsessed with the subject of the result. We go to go out to win, this is clear but understand the difficulty that this comports. My defences what have to do is to play to the football, be calm, do what have to do that it is what have done lately because we do not go to change at all, compete in the best possible conditions and go to see what are able to do".

"I do not see to the Barça losing this League"

To Paco Jémez does not bother him that there are people that criticise the strategy of the Ray against teams like Barça and Madrid. "No, because they are some conclusions partidistas, interested. If somebody that belongs to a team understands that his team goes to lose or win the League in function of if we win to the Madrid or to the Barça... This neither thinks , I do not stop me to think in this, I me descojono, although clear has to have people for everything. If they think that go to the Bernabéu or to the Camp Nou so that us goleen, as if they are to taste and are happy with this thought, there they, I do not go to go in in having to explain them how works this neither which type of people are neither which type of teams are. Each one can think what want to , each crazy with his subject".

It thinks that the Barça has now more variety in attack. "I follow seeing to the Barça and follow it recognising as it does three, six years... This does him have more variety, when you have three players up with the speed, the desborde that have these three, also have to it take advantage of of other ways, between other things because to measure that the rivals of the Barça are better, goes to have to be better, goes to have to encourage more and have this plan B when the plan To do not go like them think that has to go, this does him have more options to win a party".

"If you have fast people up, why do not go to take advantage of the contragolpe, is a facet more than the game and so beautiful like any another". And has clear that the League already has won it the Barça this season. "Yes. In the football have seen of everything, but is truth that do not see to the Barça losing this League, do not see to the Barça failing three or four parties, do not see to the Athletic of Madrid winning it everything. What can give this situation? Man for being able to can give , but to these heights and seen what are seeing, would not be at all valid that sucediera this. It goes to be a relatively calm League for the Barça because if to these heights has taken out the advantage that carries, do not see it losing it".

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