The Brazilian trainer speaks also of the adaptation of douglas to the barça

Ramalho: "Neymar Will be the relief of Messi in the Barça"

Ramalho: "Neymar Will be the relief of Messi in the Barça"

Published:27/10/2015 - 10:48h


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The one who went trainer of Neymar Jr in the Saints, Muricy Ramalho, has spoken in an interview on the "crack" of the FC Barcelona, the adaptation of Douglas Pereira and also of what can contribute Neymar in the future turning into the relief of Leo Messi

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In an interview conceded to "Weloba", Muricy Ramalho has explained the reasons that have carried him to travel until Barcelona to learn more on the philosophy and dynamic of training of the FC Barcelona, and has taken advantage of to speak on the big "crack" to the one who trained does no too many years, Neymar Jr, of his possibilities to continue triumphing in the Barça when it no longer was Leo Messi and also of other subjects related with the Barcelona club, like the adaptation of Douglas Pereira, that in spite of having integrated in the group does not have of minutes of game.

On Neymar Jr, has said the following: "The father of Neymar asked me council on if Neymar had to play in the Barça or the Madrid, and I had clear that the game of Neymar would fit in the Barça. Aside, the case Robinho also influenced so that the people thought that Neymar would not triumph in the Madrid. In this moment in Brazil spoke a lot of the failure of Robinho. When it arrived to Barcelona no soltaba as much as now. It came knowing that it would be with the best of the world, that is Messi and he, that is very intelligent, knew that it did not have to confront to the best, but win his confidence".

"Neymar Knew all what would do here when it still was in Brazil, knew that it could not do all what did in the Saints. There it was the leader and had more character. It prepared a lot to come here. Thus, to respect to Messi, when it came did not play to his football. Now we begin to see to Neymar, and still will improve more. Neymar Will be the substitute of Messi, will be the leader of the Barça. they are preparing Him For this. Has a fisioterapeuta home, a trainer that does him work to part of the trainings, a cook, his family and friends not to miss at all of Brazil. Now it is the third better of the world, but when it wane the level of Messi and Cristiano, will be the best".

Ramalho Thinks that the renewal of Neymar Jr will finish producing sooner or later, in spite of the muddy surroundings mediático. "His father armours him so that it do not affect him any problem related with his signing and when Neymar plays, does not think in at all more. The problem of the renewal is that first they want to clear all what has happened with the traspaso and afterwards speak of the renewal. Here it is happy because has to his people and a normal life. It goes him very well that the people no him fastidie so much in Barcelona as in Brazil. There it could not go out to dine or to eat. Here, for example, yesterday we went to eat and as a lot they look him a bit. This is very positive because it is everything more natural, has a more normal life. Aside the Barça does not do concentrations and this gives him more freedom".

Finally, on Douglas Pereira, stood out that his main problem is his personality introvertida, that does that when it plays do not risk too much by fear to errar... And this causes that it finish failing. "The problem is his personality. It does not speak a lot, it is very introvertido. In Sao Paulo already had problems to relate with his mates. The trainer has to know very well in which moment has to him do play. He would have to have begun to play when the team was very strong, and little by little go having minutes. Without having a lot of pressure. But it went out to play the year happened in a bad moment and on did not go him well".

"We can not say that it does not have continuity because it trains every day and the trainer sees it. If it does not put it it is because in the training does not see him well. I have spoken with him this week and have seen him waned, have said him that it has to struggle and that do not surrender, that there are bad moments. A cession would be a good idea to take minutes", has recommended Ramalho.

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