The Colombian singer as well as other familiar expected to the crack in the tunnel of changing rooms

Shakira, with his children and the ones of Messi and Suárez in the Camp Nou

Shakira, with his children and the ones of Messi and Suárez in the Camp Nou

Published:28/11/2015 - 16:59h


Calendar of FC Barcelona

Before beginning the party between the FC Barcelona and the Real Sociedad were varied the children of the players of the team blaugrana that received to his parents in the túner of changing rooms. Cual Familiar day, Shakira received to his husband Gerard Hammered beside his retoños before the duel

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The schedule of the party gave foot to this and the family of the players of the FC Barcelona did not want to it desaprovechar. It is thus that before the meeting between the Barça and the Real Sociedad that contested to the 16.00 hours in this thirteenth day of League BBVA 2015-2016, several familiar with his children expected to the exit of the cracks blaugranas. There they expected the children of Suárez, Messi or Gerard Hammered.

Precisely beside the retoños of the central Catalan was his woman Shakira. Like this as it left to Sasha and Milan in hands of his father that carried them to him to the terrain of game to take out the photography of rigour together with all the team. On the green also found the son of Leo Messi, Thiago. His woman Antonella had achieve to the small Mateo. Beside this the children of another of the cracks of the forward blaugrana Luis Suárez also witnessed the entrance of his father in the field.

And it is that the schedule helped a lot to that the Camp Nou filled of boys with a schedule, at last, put for them. A party that contested to the 16.00 hours and that went back to remember to the times in which the more jovenes soaked of barcelonismo in the field of the best team of the world.

Some boys that could assist to the goleada by four goals to zero of the Barça in a party where the Three Tenors went back to strike again. Two so many of Neymar Júnior, one of Leo Messi and another of Luis Suárez for enamorar to the bloated youngster that of good sure will not forget his experience in the Barcelona temple. The perfect day to follow increasing the family blaugrana.

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