The Uruguayan forward did three so many in front of the athletic and put  pichichi of the league bbva

Suárez broke his drought with a "hat-trick" to go back to be "Pichichi"

Suárez broke his drought with a "hat-trick" to go back to be "Pichichi"

Published:17/01/2016 - 21:47h


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The Uruguayan woke up in the second time in front of the Athletic where signed his fourth "hat-trick" with the T-shirt of the FC Barcelona. Suárez attended to sentence a party that the same there was encarrilado causing a penalti first and giving the assistance to Neymar in the second

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The forward of the FC Barcelona Luis Suárez achieved in front of the Athletic of Bilbao in this twentieth day of League BBVA 2015-2016 his fourth "hat-trick" with the T-shirt of the Barça. The one of Jump was splendid in all the so many to exception of the chamber in which it did not participate. His participation in the meeting, therefore, has been exceptional. Besides, with the three goals goes back to comandar the list of maxima goleadores of the League.

The attacker began his party causing a penalti clear that finish with the goalkeeper Gorka Iraizoz expelled. Messi would commission to transform it. Afterwards, it would struggle with a big career and would hit with three defenders rojiblancos to leave him a gap tremendo to Neymar by the left to give him a genial assistance that served to "Ney" for encarrilar the meeting with the two to zero in favour of the venues.

Already in the second time, the charrúa destapó the pot of the goals and put end to his drought in this year 2016, where had not marked still. First it went after a very fast played of combination with Neymar in which the one of Sao Paolo gave him back the wall inside the area and the ariete did not fail in front of Herrerín.

Afterwards, and already with four to zero in the marker, arrived the others two goals that him aúpan like "pichichi" in solitary of the League BBVA with eighteen so many. First it received a big pass of Burn Turan inside the area for, after cushioning it and control it, fusilar to the guardameta local. Finally it would close the meeting with a new assistance of goal of the international Turkish for the head of Suárez, that finished to pleasure.

Three goals like three suns for the "gunman" that already adds 29 goals in all this season 2015-2016. The attacker surpasses to Cristiano Ronaldo, Karim Benzema and Neymar Júnior in League with his eighteen goals, by the sixteen that carry these, and increases his distance with "Ney" and Messi in the particular fight for being the maximum goleador of the team.

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