Fernández borbalán, forced to change of just assistant before the classical

Surprise! Borbalán Changes of assistant for the Classical

Surprise! Borbalán Changes of assistant for the Classical

Published:18/11/2015 - 19:55h


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In spite of that theoretically Raúl Cabañero Martínez and Jorge Canelo Prieto went to be the assistants of Fernández Borbalán in the Classical of League BBVA of the Bernabéu, at the end a supposed injury of Jorge Canelo will do that Diego Barber was the another judge of line of the referee

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

The referee of the Classical between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona that will contest this next Saturday in Santiago Bernabéu, Fernández Borbalán, has seen "forced" to change of referee assistant because of a supposed injury of Jorge Canelo Prieto, one of his judges of usual line. Diego Barber Seville will be the one who relieve him, but the news does not leave to surprise taking into account that the Technical Committee of Referees did not inform on any injury of any of his referees or assistants during the session of physical proofs-technical that these made this past Tuesday in Madrid.

Canelo Prieto had accompanied to Fernández Borbalán in the last 22 parties of League BBVA pitados by the Andalusian referee, but casually will not be able to do it in the Classical by an injury of which anybody had informed before, and that seems what less suspicious taking into account the controversial complaint of does a month made by an anonymous assistant, in which it spoke of a possible attempt of alter of the Classical in favour of the Real Madrid.

In statements conceded to "MD", the Technical Committee of Referees ensures that Jorge Canelo has lesionado by a break of the sinew of Achilles, although it has not specified if this injury produced during the proofs of this past Tuesday or no:

"The scope of the injury is an internal subject", have been the pertinent words of the Technical Committee of Referees. The news surprises remembering the communiqué spread the Tuesday by the same Technical Committee of Referees, in which it did not inform of any injury: "The referees and referees assistants of 1ª Division have concentrated this morning in Madrid, with reason of the physical meeting-technical to which have been summoned".

"The referees have showed this afternoon in the City of the Football of Brush Them, an excellent physical preparation, surpassing the demanding physical controls reglamentados. Before the beginning of the proofs the referees saved a moving minute of silence in memory of kill them died in Paris the past Friday. To the appointment have attended 18 referees of the 20 of 1ª Division, since the collegiate Gonzalez Gonzalez and Hernández Hernández have designated party of pllay-off of selections sub-21, in the day of today".

"Morning and in schedule matinal, will analyse played of technical order in a meeting that will be directed by the Technical Director of the CTA D. Manuel Díaz Vega. The meeting will be clausurada by the President of the Technical Committee, D. Victoriano Sánchez Arminio", could read in the quoted note. In definite, a very odd situation that will do that so much Fernández Borbalán like his two assistants are under the sight in the Classical of the next Saturday.

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