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The Barça defends of the indictment with touroperadores

Published:7/07/2017 - 10:00h

Updated:7/07/2017 - 14:11h

After the news appeared in TV3 where reported irregularities in the management of the sale of entrances through the Touroperadores, the FC Barcelona issued a communiqué this Thursday denying the affirmed in the Catalan public television

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It follows the 'war' between the Barça and TV3. And the Barcelona club is devoting these days to deny the informations that publishes the Catalan public television, admitting part of the news but denying some indictments, looming with querellas for affirming things that are not true. 

Already it went out the other day the vice-president Jordi Cardoner to deny all the subject of the "Seient Lliure", and this Thursday the club has issued a communiqué denying that it broke the agreement with the touroperadores, although admitting have offered special conditions to some touroperadores by his efficiency and rendabilidad.

TheF C Barcelona, cutting in his communiqué: "The FC Barcelona denies categorically incumplimientos of agreements with touroperadores, as it has informed this noon Televisió of Catalonia, in the third information issued esra semaba on the management of the sale of places".

Besides, it adds the importance of the same: "In fact, the contacts with the touroperadores, in his clause 3.3 b) include the possibility of the club to restrict and/or cancel the bandage of entrances of determinate parties. The clause also includes the possibility to establish special conditions of bandage for determinate parties".

It admits part of the information

What himself has done the club is to admit part of the information of 'TV3': "The club sure enough offered special conditions to some touroperadores, during a period of determinate time, by his showed efficiency and rendabilidad in the sale of places for all type of parties, especially for those with less demand and po his prolonged relation with the club".

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