The midfield player remembers the best and the worst of the 31 classical that has lived like Barcelona

The best and the worst of the Classical Madrid-Barcelona

The best and the worst of the Classical Madrid-Barcelona

Published:16/11/2015 - 12:50h


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The midfield player reviews the best and the worst of his performances in the 31 Classical that has contested to date since it is player of the first team of the Barcelona. This is the best party, the best goal and the worst situation of the man with more classical to the backs at present

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

For somebody like Andrés Iniesta speak of the Classical between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is something very serious and thrilling. We are in front of the person of the two staff that more meetings of maximum rivalry has lived. And it is that they are already 31 the parties of these characteristic that the one of Fuentealbilla has been able to contest, finding above players like Leo Messi or Sergio Bouquets that add 30 each one. It is thus that anybody better to explain the best and the worst of the Classical, in key blaugrana, of the last times.

Like this it does it Iniesta, answering to the test that prepares him the newspaper "MD" and where asks him between other things on his best performance, the most unforgettable party or the most cruel defeat. The memory of the midfield player does not fail and throws with strength remembering the most important moments of the last times between Madrid and Barça.

The first question, the Classical more unforgettable, does not doubt in saying the five to zero that the team of Pep Guardiola lumbered with him to the of José Mourinho in the Camp Nou, that 2010-2011. Possibly it reached in this party the excellence the men of the technician of Santpedor, something that remembers without any doubt the captain blaugrana. By what does to his best personal performance, also remembers this same party since it gave the first goal to Xavi and executed a five-a-side football.

To remember his best goal, travels to the season siguiene, the 2011-2012 when blaugranas and madridistas confronted in the Supercopa of Spain in the Camp Nou and the Catalans won by three goals to two. Here it was when the manchego opened the contention in the minute 15. A precise pass of Messi left him only in front of Boxes to the that beat with an aesthetic vaselina in front of which at all could do the Madrilenian.

This yes, reviewed the well, also touches to agree of the bad. This arrived this same campaign when a Barça very tired confronted to the Madrilenian group home contesting half League. There the blaugranas gave the face but fell by a goal to two, something that cost them the title since it left them to seven points of the leader.

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