The changing room of the fc barcelona denies to be judging to ter stegen

The changing room culé defends to Ter Stegen of the criticisms

The changing room culé defends to Ter Stegen of the criticisms

Published:26/09/2015 - 13:15h


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Although Ter Stegen is receiving a big quantity of criticisms in the last weeks of part of the fans of the Barcelona by his individual errors and the number of goals fit to these heights of season, the Barcelona changing room ensures that he is not the culprit

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The newspaper 'Sport' has published in the last hours an article in which it ensures that all the mates of Marc-André Ter Stegen in the changing room of the FC Barcelona would be supporting him untiringly by the criticisms that the youngster guardameta German is receiving in the last times because of the number of goals fit that accumulates to these heights of course.

The cancerbero germano no only is to a goal to having received already the same quantity of targets that in the season of the triplete, but besides it has been the hapless leading of some 'blunders' sounded in the last weeks, beginning by the one of the gone of the Supercopa of Spain against the Athletic and finish by the bad aerial exit in the party in front of the Raise. It is not standing out neither by big interventions, and gives the feeling that almost every time that a rival player launches a shot to door, the played will finish in goal.

The mates of Ter Stegen know that it is being through a bad patch and that it is question of time that recover anímica and deportivamente. The goalkeeper already showed along the campaign 2014-15 be a footballer of guarantees and quality contrasted, by what the small empty of confidence that is experiencing in the actuality is likely that disappear to measure that go advancing the meetings. Players like Gerard Hammered, Javier Mascherano and the rest of the staff would have chatted during the last days with Ter Stegen to support him and divert his attention of the criticisms, that are being especially hard by part of the Catalan press and the fans culé.

They are many those that would plant in the actuality to Claudio Bravo -lesionado still but ready to recover - as guardameta title in all the competitions and especially in League BBVA. To Ter Stegen, however, still remain him some parties more to show that it is the archer of future that the fans and the technical body expect that it was. In this point, no descarta that any that another big performance go back to give back him the confidence in his possibilities, of the same form that the one of some followers something disappointed but still with the intact respect to him. It does not be necessary to forget that it was an essential piece to the hour to win the Champions League 2014-15.

"It is not error of Marc! It is 100% tarpaulin of Florenzi. Ter Stegen Gives us the life to the central playing advanced", said Hammered in mixed zone after the party against the Rome does week and average. And had reason, because it is possible that big part of the critical are unfair taking into account the aparatoso been of form of the Barcelona defence in this beginning of season. It is necessary to adjust the defensive mechanism to measure that go advancing the season. What can not do, however, is to begin to look for guilty when they still are all the titles at stake.

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