Messi and neymar are motivated in front of the presence of the lawyer of the state in the madrid barça

The Classical also plays in the loge of the Bernabéu

The Classical also plays in the loge of the Bernabéu

Published:16/11/2015 - 18:59h


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The grandstand of Santiago Bernabéu is synonymous of influential personalities inside the Spanish state when it plays the Real Madrid. Even more when it contests a party of the calibrate that it will take place the Saturday and in which there will be people to which the culés have "win"

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

In the loges of Santiago Bernabéu are used to do a lot of more things that see football, in fact, east neither looks and all the looks centre in the politics that governs to the state very was influenciado from the IBEX35, from the presidency or from the courts of justice. A lot of "sharks" give appointment in the same place and in the case of the next party in front of the FC Barcelona, a person especially will be present to which two cracks of the Barça want to "devote him" the victory and the goals.

It treats of the General Lawyer of the State, Marta Silva Lapuerta, that attends almost each fifteen days to the feudo madridista to "do politics". There, invited by the president of ACS and of the Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez, took to the meetings that the madridistas contest. Silva is the one who has represented to the Agency Tributaria in the case against Neymar Júnior and the one who asked bench as well as almost two years of prison for Leo Messi of course fiscal fraud.  They do not want to see further of the "simple" coincidences.

What is clear is that the two cracks Barcelona if that are knowledgeable, as it affirms "MD", that this type of personalities will be presents in the grandstand of the coliseo white. It is thus that sor motivation is still greater to the hour to want to effect a perfect party to "devote it" to all they. There is not better answer that the one who gives on the field of battle, in this case the green of the Bernabéu.

This also is one of the motivations (do lacking more?) That the genius of Rosario has to arrive in perfect conditions to the party of the next Saturday. If it does it, to his side will have to a Brazilian warrior had to struggle elbow with elbow beside him to do bite the dust to the more acérrimo rival. The contendientes are motivated, expect that we can see a worthy "show" of the grandstand of white authorities.

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