The mythical duel go in read messi and Christian ronaldo in the classical runs risk to contest  because of the injury of the Argentinian

The Classical of League BBVA: Leo Messi VS Cristiano Ronaldo

The Classical of League BBVA: Leo Messi VS Cristiano Ronaldo

Published:18/11/2015 - 15:11h


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The one who would have to be the duel by antonomasia in a Madrid-Barça, runs risk of not to produce or to do it, that was during less time of the expected. Everything because of the inopportune injury that left KO to the Argentinian does almost two months and that has deprived him to play up to now

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

There is not doubt some that since in the summer of 2009 Cristiano Ronaldo recalase in the Real Madrid, the duels between madridistas and barcelonistas always have defined satisfied arrived his two maximum stars. To date both marked the form of his teams, until this 2015-2016 in which neither one, by some things, neither another by others have had luck before arriving to the appointment.

And it is that although Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo are the stars abosolutas of his two respective teams, because of the injury of the Argentinian and to the low form of the Portuguese his leadership in his clubs has decrecido compared to the past campaign. On the one hand it appears a Messi that has been was almost two months after the injury in his knee and by the another a CR7 accuses to be more slope of his traspaso to Paris Saint-Germain that to help to his team.

But we go by parts. To fault of a day so that Madrid and Barça see the faces still is not ensured to the one hundred by one hundred the titularity of the crack rosarino. After hammering in the gymnasium and leave the skin on the fields of trainings these two last weeks, Leo Messi could not beginning of start in front of the merengues and even contest very few minutes of the meeting. Everything because of the joyous injury in the internal ligament of his left knee that put him in check when better went him the things. And it is that Leo had begun the season with a form envidiable and wanting to eat the world. In the nine meetings that had contested until the one of The Palms had achieved six goals and two assistances, in addition to leaving samples that it found in better form that never.

But the injury braked him in dry and has done that it arrive very justito to the party in front of the whites. Almost the same that as it presents a Christian Ronaldo to the that are not him going very well the things of face to door. Although it has marked three goals in fifteen parties, five of these arrived in the same meeting in front of the Espanyol. In fact this is the first time in which the luso remains without wetting in so many parties in a start of League with the Madrid (nine). His form has seen affected especially in the two last parties in front of Paris Saint-Germain and Seville, where saw him desconectado of his mates, "chupón" and all a ballast for his.

It is thus that the two better players of the world do not arrive to this Classical in the best moment of his careers. Already it was by injuries or rumours, neither Leo neither Cristiano seem to be the key of a derbi that aims to other names like Neymar, Luis Suárez or Benzema. In spite of this, Messi always will be Messi and Cristiano always will be Christian and of his boots can be born the played that desequilibre the contention. It is thus that although this time was the first that arrive without doing a lot of noise, the current Balloon of Gold and the next can finish throwing off balance the scales for his.

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