The Argentinian defender of the fc barcelona suffered the same injury that messi in 2013

The council of Mascherano to Leo Messi on the injury of knee

The council of Mascherano to Leo Messi on the injury of knee

Published:30/10/2015 - 11:32h


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The mate of Leo Messi in the selection of Argentina and in the FC Barcelona, Javier Mascherano, would have advised to his fellow and compatriot after the injury that this suffered against the UD The Palms that do not have haste with the recovery, since he suffered the same injury

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The newspaper "MD" has revealed the council that would have given Javier Mascherano to Leo Messi -an entirely logical recommendation- that it do not have any haste in the recovery of his injury of knee, since it treats of an injury -the one of the internal ligament of the knee- of which is very easy to go back to recaer in the case that there is not cicatrizado well before playing again to the maximum level of competitiveness. "The Flea" always has had to Mascherano of adviser since both forged a big bond of friendship to the arrival of the "Jefecito" to the Barcelona.

Messi knows that Mascherano has more experience that he in almost all the fields of the football, and in fact the Argentinian defender already suffered the same injury that he in April of 2013 against Paris Saint-Germain in the Park of The Princes, by what knows for sure the risks of the injury. This, joined to the vital importance of Leo Messi for the good become of the team in all the competitions along the season, would have carried to Mascherano to board a serious conversation with the Argentinian recommending him that do not force neither to play the Classical neither to play with the selection of Argentina, although Martino finally has not summoned him.

Mascherano lesionó On 2 April in Paris falling in a jump on of Jordi Alba and having to be withdrawn in stretcher. They diagnosed him a break of the lateral ligament of the right knee and six weeks ofdrop . Although in the fifth week already was training with his mates, expected to go back to the elite and did not play until two weeks afterwards, in a situation resembled the one who is living now Andrés Iniesta that, in spite of carrying week and average recovered of the injury, has not wanted to play the two last parties by fear to a possible relapse.

Messi initiates the hardest phase of the recovery

Now his fisio of confidence Marcelo D'Andrea already is with him to follow this step of the second phase to the third. A hard period for the crack since it will have to accumulate load of work to different levels, so much aerobic like anaerobic, to be able to be perfect in his reincorporación to the entrenos with the rest of the staff. And while he wears out in the gymnasium, his mates expect him with the open arms taking out, no without difficulties, the parties that have to contest without him. The news that arrive are positive but it is necessary to walk with caution, Leo has to arrive when it arrive, without forcing him, because of his boots depends the future of the Barça.

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