The sportive invokes the ghosts of the past season

The Depor invokes the ghosts of the past season (2-2)

The Depor invokes the ghosts of the past season (2-2)

Published:13/12/2015 - 09:22h


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The FC Barcelona dominated to pleasure in the first sixty minutes in front of a rocky Sportive that defended with nails and teeth in his own area. A golazo of fault of Messi and another of Rakitic seemed to sentence with the 2-0, but Lucas Pérez and Bergantiños answered (2-2)

Barcelona 2-2 Sportive - Video summary and goals of the party
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Late of League BBVA pleasant in the Camp Nou, to the hour of the siesta but with a FC Barcelona that went out to the terrain of willing game to that the public did not sleep , neither much less. And it is that the culés, when they only had passed two minutes of game, already had starred two approaches to the goal of Germán Lux of the boots of Leo Messi and Luis Suárez, leaving clear the two "cracks" sudamericanos that would not allow that the absence of Neymar Jr distorted neither an apex the offensive game of the FC Barcelona, more greased that in the two last parties.

With a fast game, dynamic, intense and of tiralíneas, in the minute 4 the FC Barcelona already put the fear in the body to the players of the Sportive of the Coruña. Leo Messi changed to perfection the game leftwards, with Sandro Ramírez that received to the edge of the rival area and left died the balloon in the penalty spot for Luis Suárez, that finished slightly diverted when the fans already sang the first Barcelona goal. The Sportive tried to defend with utmost difficulty of the constants tackled of the FC Barcelona, with Dani Alves and Jordi Alba very deep unfolding continuously in attack to Leo Messi and Sandro Ramírez, very escorados in the band and with a lot of terrain for desbordar to his respective marks.

The FC Barcelona remains with the balloon

The ones of Víctor Sánchez did not achieve to connect three passes followed and the Barça did as it is usual with the possession of balloon, focalizando the greater percentage of her in contrary field. The Barça was vertical, was intense and stepped with a lot of ease the area of the Sportive, clearly with the intention to travel to the World-wide of Clubs of Japan with a new victory in League BBVA. The Sportive descolgaba up to Lucas Pérez and Jonathan, his two forwards, trying take advantage of the game of counterattack to counter like this the offensive culés. I hammered and Mascherano kept them to line avoiding in the first chamber of hour all the intentonas of the Galicians, very attentive in the recovery of balloon. The Barça dominated and had of opportunities, with a second warning in shape of launching of fault of Leo Messi, very cut across by Lux.

In the minute 15 of game, however, Jonathan starred the first clear occasion of the Sportive, after a good combination with Lucas and Juanfran that finished with a shot raso very refused by Claudio Bravo, the one who baled out very well the space to avoid the first goal of the party. It was an oasis in the middle of the desert of the Sportive, practically unable to knit game combinativo in contrary and conclusive field backwards, with several physical contacts that they were allowed by the collegiate Sánchez Martínez. In the 22', a deep confined offensive of Jordi Alba finished with a pass of the death for Luis Suárez that by little arrived to his destination, but Germán Lux achieved to divert the danger of his own area anticipating to the action.

The Barça tightens and Messi opens the tin

The Sportive little by little was replegando increasingly backwards, leaving that the FC Barcelona allowed a constant siege in the zone of three chambers, moving the balloon of a side to another and looking for the best option as if of an attack of handball treated . The Barcelona command left to glimpse that the first so much of the meeting would not take in arriving for the Barça, and in the minute 28 was Luis Suárez the one who went back it to try with an attempt of vaselina from out of the area, too low to surprise to Lux. Only three minutes afterwards would be Messi the one who did notice, with a shot from out of the area that the goalkeeper visitor achieved to refuse so that the defence cleared.

A far shot of Dani Alves in the minute 34 left diverted above the rival goal, and little by little the Sportive was accommodating on the lawn, having increasingly the possession and hampering the game of the Barça in the zone of means. The perfect remedy for the FC Barcelona? A genialidad of Leo Messi. When the party was agrounded, a fault of Luisinho to Luis Suárez to the edge of the area opened the veda for the culés. Leo Messi, with a prodigious shot that brushed the square, desarticuló entirely the defensive plan of the Sportive with the 1-0. The Barça encouraged and went even more up in search of the second before it finished the first act, but the target did not arrive and the Barça left to the rest with the certainty to be doing a good work.

The Sportive tries it to the counterattack

The second part began of form radically different to the first. And it is that the Sportive of the Coruña had of three clear arrivals to the counterattack to the goal of Claudio Bravo, first with two failures of calculation of Javier Mascherano to the hour to cut the played rival and afterwards with a long balloon from the goal of Lux that finished with a shot diverted of Jonathan, very leading during the first minutes of the second part. The Galicians kicked thrice in four minutes, the triplete that in all the first-half, but in spite of this his occasions did not change the plan of the Barça, if acaso more convinced to look for the second goal to sentence.

Andrés Iniesta had of a clear opportunity of goal with a centre-kick that touched the crossbar, whereas two minutes afterwards Luis Suárez was the one who brought the danger to the area of Lux with a centre raso in the interior of the area to the that did not arrive by very little Sandro Ramírez. The Barça returned to the diagram of the first 45 minutes and went back to shut to the Sportive in his own field, increasing the discharge of opportunities of goal. A precise pass in depth of Messi left to Jordi Alba only in a hand manually with Lux, but the Barcelona side decided to give a last pass to Luis Suárez, that was offside and annotated a goal cancelled by the collegiate Sánchez Martínez.

Rakitic Mark... And the Sportive awake

The second so much, however, would not take too much in arriving. Ivan Rakitic, with a powerful and precise shot from out of the area, seemed to finish the party to fault of almost half hour for the end, celebrating like this the prize to Better Player of Croatia 2015 that received does only some days. With the 2-0 in the marker, the Barça followed practising his game, touching with criterion in the centre of the field and looking for the occasion that allowed him have still of an electronic more been bulky. Diverse confined to the area of Iniesta and Messi followed bringing problems to the defence of the Sportive, increasingly desperate and being more conclusive to the hour to brake to the rivals.

The FC Barcelona went sleeping in his game and allowed to touch increasingly to the Sportive to the edge of the rival area, what allowed that, in a loss of balloon of the Barcelona defence, Lucas Pérez took advantage of to reduce distances in the marker with the 2-1 and of this form annotate his decimoprimer goal in fifteen days of League BBVA -third maximum realizador of the competition-, having annotated of consecutive way in the last six days. The ones of Víctor Sánchez tightened and caused diverse losses of balloon of the Barcelona, receiving the prize to fault of five minutes for the end. In another counterattack, Alex Bergantiños equalised the marker for the Sportive with a golazo, invoking the ghosts of the past season in the Camp Nou.

The FC Barcelona could not do another thing that was not to go up, taking even more risks in defence and yielding to the Sportive even more leadership to the counterattack. With the four minutes of addition of the fourth referee the Barça looked for incesantemente the contrary goal, but the Sportive showed the intensity that has carried him this season to be classified in European places of League BBVA, seeing very clear the possibility to add in the Camp Nou. It defended , it tried to lose time and played with the despair of the Barça, that finished empatando by third consecutive time explaining the tables of Mestalla (1-1) and the BayArena (1-1).

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 2-2 Sportive

FC Barcelona, 2: Bravo; Alves, Hammered, Mascherano, Jordi Alba (Mathieu, 75'); Sergio Busquets, Ivan Rakitic (Sergi Roberto, 71'), Iniesta; Messi, Suárez and Sandro (Munir, 67').
Sportive, 2: Lux; Laure, Arrive, Sidnei, Fernando Navarro; Fajr, Bergantiños; Juanfran (Cardoso, 69'), Luisinho (Domínguez, 45'), Lucas and Jonathan (Luis Alberto, 57').

Goals of the party: Leo Messi, 38'; Rakitic, 61'; Lucas Pérez, 76'; Bergantiños, 85'.
Referee: Sánchez Martínez.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the fifteenth day of League BBVA 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou to the 16.00 hours.

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