Denis Suárez celebrates a goal of Leo Messi in the Sánchez Pizjuán


The double sense of Denis Suárez in his celebration of the gesta of the Barça

Published:1/04/2018 - 01:04h

Updated:1/04/2018 - 04:09h

The FC Barcelona has saved a tie in extremis in his visit to the Seville, but in the celebration has colado some invited special. Denis Suárez has stood out the effort of his with a message in the networks that also reflects his personal situation

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The FC Barcelona has trasformado this Saturday a trip painful in a promising tie in Seville, recovering a distance of two goals in the marker in hardly a minute at the end of his meeting in the Sánchez Pizjuán. Before thinking in repairing errors, the Barcelona have given a necessary joy, and all the changing room has participated of the celebration.

Between the invited to the party was Denis Suárez thrilled for going back to play, after an injury that has kept him section during several weeks. Further of the physical problems, his ordeal comes of far, and with his participation in the clash suspender belt has removed a weight of on.

Denis Suárez does not want to surrender

And it is that his message of congratulation in the social networks has sounded to collective reflection but also personal, given the situation that is living this season. To exception of the Supercopa of Catalonia, where lesionó, carried 15 official commitments without stepping the lawn, accumulating annoyances, benches and absences of the announcements without stopping.

"Never it is necessary to surrender" it has signalled the one of Salceda of Caselas in an image in which it appears embracing to Leo Messi. Beside her an icon indicating strength and the Barcelona colours. A good speech for an equalised attained in the minute 89, but also some words that has repeated in the last months. It is convinced to triumph in the Camp Nou, and there will be at all that it prevent it to him.

Denis aims to another traced back

Although in this occasion have not been able to tie up the three points, is not the first occasion in which the midfield player aims to a traced back on the horn, since it participated in the suffered triumph that the Catalans started in the day 4 of LaLiga to the Getafe. In fact, it went one of the scorers beside Paulinho, doing useless the so much initial of Gaku Shibasaki.

In the Pizjuán has collaborated in several actions encouraging to steal balloons in the last exits of the Seville, and trying demolish with passes and eslalons the Andalusian wall in the area of Sergi Rico. Precisely, in the played of the target of Messi was in good position to finish the balloon, but has preferred to separate to leave step to his mate. And east is of which does not fail.

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