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The factor 'extra' of the Real Madrid that the Barcelona envies

Published:15/04/2021 - 18:39h

Updated:15/04/2021 - 22:28h

The pass to 'semis' of the Champions League, the Classical, the victories without 'stars'... And the list of factors that the Barça envies to the Real Madrid

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The FC Barcelona, at least in the last two or three years, has stepped backwards. The blaugrana have to the best player of the world and a full staff of stars, with astronomical index cards and an extensive list of individual recognitions, in addition to a born talent and important paths. However, if there is something that has repeated recently is that 'fall' in the most important nights and leave to his step a sinfín of doubts that finish turning them into a vulnerable team and 'easy' to win to the big rival.

In a different situation, that does not mean that it was better, is the Real Madrid, with an enormous escape of stars and a modest changing room, with important players and talentosos but that, the majority, does not lead the list of the best in his respective positions. Because yes, have to Luka Modric, Toni Kroos or Casemiro, the midfield players of the three Champions consecutive and the best of the last years, or Sergio Bouquets, that keeps on being one of the central more stood out in the world, but have a less showy staff, without almost stars and few players.

It is true that both staff, so much the one of the Barça as the one of the Madrid, have remained 'short' and, in the middle of the pandemia have seen very prejudiced by the enormous list of injuries and the short terms between parties (that it causes that they lose more clashes the players), but the big difference is how has managed or handled the resources and there, precisely, the White House leave 'humiliated' to the blaugrana (and leaves them a lesson).

However, before the 'lessons' of the Madrid, also is necessary to aim that in command of the team is Zinedine Zidane that it has proclaimed no only like a lover of the challenges, but like a passionate to win them. To the French and to his team have given him by defeated one thousand times and have raising winning one thousand and some opportunities more. It is a strategist and leader, with a capacity inmejorable to read the parties and the approaches of his rivals and leave backwards to the trainers to which confronts .

In less than 14 days, gave the best proof of this. The Madrid did not arrive like favourite neither to the chambers of the Champions League, in front of the Liverpool, neither to the Classical, in front of the Barça, and went out victorious of both. The responsibility? Probably it was in 70% of the effective approach of 'Zizou' and the another 30% of the resistance, commitment and talent of his players, that is not little. In question of nine days, the Frenchman surpassed to Jürgen Klopp and Ronald Koeman, two trainers with a lot of more path and experience that he to show, once again, that probably anybody can repeat what he has done with a Madrid in crisis.

The tarpaulin of Zidane

Against the Barça, in specific, can take out a lot of important conclusions that go muchor further of the influence or no that they could have the referee's decisions. Zidane neutralised completely the 5-3-2 of Koeman, that had been the drawing that 'resurrected' to the Barça in this 2021. The impressive, however, is that they arrived with a very feeble defence and that, to simple sight, could be easy to surpass. Nacho and Militãor, however, frustrated all the options of Leo Messi and company, but the tarpaulin of the French in this party saw reflected in the bands, especially in the first part.

Jordi Alba and Sergiño Dest, reconverted in extremes with the new drawing, remained portrayed by his rivals and had ones of his worst 45 minutes of the season, by not saying that the worst. Zidane, conscious of the big paper of Alba in the offensive, included to Fede Valverde in his approach for 'protect' his right band. And it went out him of wonder. The Uruguayan, that is imparable, left portrayed to Alba and all the midfield players with a career descomunal from his field that finished with a pass to Lucas Vázquez and the goal of Benzema of swearword. By the another band, Vinicius was a nightmare for Dest (remembered him to the night in the Camp Nou in front of the PSG and Mbappé). The Brazilian desbordó to pleasure and imposed with his speed.

From there, the Barça lost offensive strength and, if Lucas Vázquez did not have lesionado and Valverde was not touched, the party would have been a complete nightmare. Andl Barça took advantage of of the low level of Odriozola by the band, but not even was sufficient to trace back the marker, although there was sufficient time (without basing the defeat only in the four or five minutes that the referee did not add).

The strength, believe, resistance...

Although it is almost inexplicable that with an inferior defence and playing with Mariano, Odriozola and acting players, the Madrid held in front of the Barça in the second time, the feat repeated in Anfield some days afterwards. It is innegable that the Liverpool showed, probably, his worst version of the last years, but also found to Thibaut Courtois inspired, to a couple of head offices (Nacho-Militãor) with a lot of confidence and a centre of field that relieved the pressure of the ones of Klopp. The sum of the 'details' that well knows to take care Zidane were the key to go back to the semifinals of the Champions League.

And this does not mean that the French was the best trainer of the world, or that his tactical approach was perfect, less still that have the 'flower', but it speaks of how takes advantage of his resources and takes him out the greater possible shine to achieve be where are (with possibilities to win the League and Champions). Compared with the Barça, without despising never the work of Ronald Koeman and his efforts for 'resurrect' to the blaugrana, the situation is different and the 'Case Griezmann', and the irregularity of the French or the interminable fight with Coutinho, before lesionarse, present like the worst stages.

It has to see the history?

It is not secret that the Champions League is the predilection of the Real Madrid and the meaning that has the competition for the madridistas, and that the of Anfield was a proof that resist also is to win but... This has some effect 'extra' in the madridistas? Because, obviously, when it was the 'BBC' (Bleat, Benzema and Cristiano) was easier to understand that the Madrid arrived to some semifinals of the Champions, but with a forward led by Benzema (indisputable, by his talent and the have put in the shoulders to the team), but accompanied by Vinicius Jr or Marco Asensio, in addition to having to Mariano, Rodrygo in the bench and with his star, Eden Hazard, lesionado constantly...

There are not stars and this magnifies the feat of the Madrid that, if it finishes the campaign with some title, will be remembered like something historical considering all the times that has been on the dot of break along the last years. In definite, if there is something that it is necessary to highlight of this team, although it was more than complicated, is that the strength, resistance, capacity of reaction and the not to give by defeated, in addition to the leadership from the offices until the changing room, with Florentino Pérez, Zidane and Sergio Bouquets like protagonists, are appearances that any team envies and wants to... Of what the Barça has to learn.

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