The bernabéu pitó to the real madrid and asked the resignation of florentino pérez after the goleada in front of the fc barcelona

The madridismo sacked to his team with pañolada

The madridismo sacked to his team with pañolada

Published:21/11/2015 - 19:28h


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The fans madridista sacked to his team with two pañoladas: one in the rest and another when finalising the party. Beside this a tremenda bronca to the terrain of game and to the loge of authorities asking the resignation of the president Florentino Pérez. They finish exasperated

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The fans of the Real Madrid went back to take out to relucir his chivalry and temper sacking to his team in the first time with a tremenda pitada and pañolada, using the white posters that had used for the tifo at the beginning of the meeting to protest by the seen on the terrain of game when the result was of 0-2. When finalising the party the bronca was to more.

The followers merengues also sang consign against of the trainer, players and especially president, asking the resignation of Florentino Pérez of way continued. In the second period happened more time pitándole to his that attending to what occurred on the terrain of game.

And it is that on the green the ones of Luis Enrique were hitting him a meneo tremendo to a Real Madrid that showed all the eases of the world. A bathroom of which happen to the history, something that the white fans knew and therefore it loaded against the his with all his impetus, leaving to a side this fame (does not know as) won of chivalry and temper that once again it did not see by any place.

The own fans used the posters that were by the floor and that had served before the party to give environment to the stadium with the colours madridistas to show his dissatisfaction with the directive and the players. An attitude that moved to the terrain of game where the whites seemed desquiciado and even committed faults to destiempo and ugly, as the one of Isco on Neymar that gave with the malagueño expelled.

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