The fc barcelona goleó to the real society in the camp nou in league bbva

The trident of the Barça consecrated the leadership against the Real (4-0)

The trident of the Barça consecrated the leadership against the Real (4-0)

Published:29/11/2015 - 12:27h


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The FC Barcelona, although the Real Sociedad put difficulties in the game combinativo with an intense pressure of balloon, cost of his gunpowder in attack so that the three points remained in the Camp Nou. Once again, the Barcelona trident marked the difference

Barça 4-0 Real Sociedad - Video summary and goals of the party
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New day in League BBVA for the FC Barcelona and same challenge: achieve the three points to try distanciarse even more of his main perseguidores in the domestic competition and especially of the Real Madrid, that if "it punctures" this Sunday against the Eibar in Ipurúa could plant nine points underneath of the ones of Luis Enrique. The Barça jumped to the Camp Nou concienciado and, after the pitido initial of the referee Churches Villanueva, the culés controlled from the beginning the possession of balloon in own field and in zone of means, looking for spaces to connect with the trident formed by Messi, Neymar and Suárez to the edge of the area of Gerónimo Rulli.

In the minute 3 of meeting, without going more far, the FC Barcelona achieved to surpass for the first time the pressure of the Real Sociedad so that Neymar Jr put a balloon in depth to Luis Suárez. The Uruguayan had of a hand manually with the Argentinian goalkeeper of the group donostiarra, but did not define well and the guardameta achieved to divert the spherical. In the first five minutes of party, the pressure of the Basques surtió effect and the Barça, although it tried to go out playing, found multiple difficulties to cross the centre of the field and from here that 80% of his possession of balloon concentrated in own field. This yes, when the FC Barcelona began to surpass the line of means, the ones of Eusebio Sacristán suffered the most direct version of the ones of Luis Enrique.

The Real relaxes and the Barça takes advantage of

With the step of the minutes, the pressure of the Real Sociedad went down of intensity and the FC Barcelona attained to grease in the centre of the field, shutting increasingly to the "txuri urdin "" in own field and propiciando some played clear, as one of Ivan Rakitic that it left him only in front of Rulli if Churches Villanueva there was not pitado an offside non-existent. The culés began to test several dangerous counterattacks, but Rulli showed very hit in the exits, desbaratando some clear occasions of goal snatching the balloon to the Barcelona forwards.

In the minute 12 of the first part, a glorious and braided played of the FC Barcelona, been born of the boots of Neymar, Luis Suárez, Rakitic and Andrés Iniesta, finished with a soft and very precise centre of Luis Suárez that the one of Fuentealbilla finished to the right stick of Rulli, being the clear leading of the first shot of danger of the FC Barcelona, with the rival goalkeeper already sold. The ones of Luis Enrique increased the intensity in the game and, thanks to Leo Messi that by moments acted more than mediapunta that of forward, began to combine in the zone of three chambers and to knit little by little the first goal of the meeting, that passed the first chamber of hour still had not arrived.

Neymar And Suárez, "Pichichis" of League

And it is that the Real Sociedad, very very planted on the terrain of game, achieved with his intensity in the defensive pressure that the location of possession of the Barça rondara 70% in own field, although this would not be neither much less notable to detain to the Barcelona. In the minute 22, a played braided by Rakitic and Messi in the centre of the field, with an opening to the band for Dani Alves, finished with a centre raso that Neymar Jr finished sending the balloon at the end of the goal and putting the 1-0 in the marker for the Barcelona. Little by little, the returns changed and went the Barça the one who happened to obtain good fruits of the pressure of balloon, causing several losses of the Real Sociedad that finish in recoveries in favourable positions to generate game.

In the last chamber of hour of the first part, however, the FC Barcelona went down the rhythm and yielded something of possession to the Real Sociedad, happening to the facet to defend to take disordered to the rival team going out afterwards to the counterattack. The formula, anyway, no surtió effect this time, although the 1-0 initial yes moved in the minute 41 again in profit of the Barça. After a big played technical of Messi, with several dribblings and a croquette that went back crazy to the rival defence, the played following fructificó in the second so much of the party. With an opening of the Barça for Dani Alves in the right band, the Brazilian went back to centre of form majestuosa to the second stick so that Luis Suárez connected a powerful volley, imparable for Rulli. Goal of beautiful bill, the number 12 for the Uruguayan in League, that serves him to follow the trail of Neymar.

The Barça sentences and gives no respite

The second part began for the FC Barcelona of form something resembled the first, with the Real Sociedad keeping the pressure very up and trying hamper the exit of balloon of the culés. This yes, the sides of the Barça, this time Mathieu, would go back to be decisive to the hour to go back to desequilibrar the marker. A good played of Messi in the zone of means, unfolding the balloon to the left band to Jeremy Mathieu, served so that the French assisted with a pass raso to Neymar Jr, that put the second in his particular account and the goal number 14 in League BBVA.

With the 3-0 in the marker, the Real Sociedad followed playing equal and did not go down the arms, but the tiredness began to do mella in the Basque players and arrived later to the pressure, loading of yellow cards -many of them caused by Neymar-. The FC Barcelona began to besiege to the rival defence of the boots of the trident, with Leo Messi that it went to the centre of the attack in search of his particular goal. Luis Suárez left to the right band and Neymar Jr, with two precise passes to the penalty spot in less than a minute, ready was to assist to the Argentinian in the goal.

The intensity went down... But Messi marked

Luis Enrique decided to give rest in the minute 60 to Dani Alves, that chained already practically a ten of parties like titling, and gave gone in in his position to Adriano Correia, the one who made a big party against the Rome the past Tuesday. The meeting, however, followed slope down for a FC Barcelona that with the 3-0 in the marker did not look for excessively the fourth goal, although it had of opportunities to materialise it. Leo Messi, for example, was about to to mark with a precise shot of fault that brushed the left square of Rulli in the minute 65.

The Argentinian goalkeeper of the Real Sociedad was very attentive also in the second half in the exits for desbaratar the passes in long of Luis Suárez and Neymar Jr, avoiding like this more goals fit. The "txuri urdin "" also combined between lines arriving to the goal of Claudio Bravo, but the shot of Héctor Hernández left diverted and the FC Barcelona did not fear to keep the goal to zero. The game was turning off progressively by part of the two teams, satisfied with the result and with the will to close the curtain by the tiredness accumulated. There was time, however, for a fast counterattack of the FC Barcelona that finished with a shot of Leo Messi to the crossbar. Some minutes later, nevertheless, the Argentinian would see at last goal. Neymar Jr, with a prodigious played by the left band, assisted to Leo Messi so that it went back to mark in League, something that did not achieve from did more than two months. The Barça is leader stood out of the League BBVA and keeps a distance with his direct rivals.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 4-0 Real Sociedad

FC Barcelona, 4: Bravo; Alves (Adriano, 61'), Hammered, Mascherano (Bartra, 68'), Mathieu (Jordi Alba, 65'; Sergio Busquets, Rakitic, Iniesta; Leo Messi, Luis Suárez and Neymar.
Real Sociedad, 0: Rulli; Aritz, Mikel, Íñigo Martínez, Yuri; Markel, Granary, Xabi Prieto; Channels (Oiarzábal, 58'), Sail (Mist, 80') and Agirretxe (Héctor Hernández, 72').

Goals of the party: Neymar, 22'; Suárez, 41'; Neymar, 52'; Leo Messi, 91'.
Referee: Churches Villanueva.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the thirteenth day of League BBVA 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou to the 16.00 hours.

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