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The words of Emili Rousaud after going out of the presidential contention

Published:16/01/2021 - 16:44h

Updated:16/01/2021 - 16:44h

Emili Rousaud, exprecandidato to the presidential elections of the Barcelona, did some controversial statements afterwards to withdraw of the career by the charge

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Emili Rousaud Went out of the fight by the presidency of the FC Barcelona before the validation of the signatures recolectadas by each precandidato, made the past Monday. Between controversial situations, like the apparition of a false ballot of signaturas or a supposed negotiation made with Toni Freixa, which the lawyer has denied categorically, the already exprecandidato has done delcaraciones especially his process of campaign, which were collected by the half Sportive World.

In principle, Rousaud ensured to feel "calm but disappointed" afterwards of not being able to posit his name to the presidential elections of the Barcelona, considering also that to his project has been missing him "structure, organisation, time and more attention to the social networks". Incidentally, the employer has concluído that "it can not go with the lily in the hand, but with the sword" and that there is a lot of "subterranean aggressiveness".

Later, on the negotiation that the same Emili Rousaud ensures to have had with Toni Freixa, the exprecandidato ensures that sucedió the day of the delivery of signatures and that had like aim do a unitary candidature to "avoid helps to Laporta". "We negotiate even putting names on the table, the one who goes in and the one who does not go in. They with 12 directors, we 8 and to a person known of the two. Total 21. The rest, in commissions. And have a document", ensures.

The supposed agreement would leave to Emili Rousaud like Economic Vice-president of the Barcelona, if Toni Freixa won the presidential contention, as it ensures the same employer. However, the lawyer and official candidate to the elections has denied this situation, evoking the following comments by part of Rousaud: "I Can show and accredit that had a meeting with Freixa, because we have exchanged us whatsapps. Before the meeting with my candidature, asked him. 'You keep your proposal? And he answers me: 'I will not leave you thrown and keep my proposal'. It command him another afterwards saying him that declined his offer, neither there is much more".

Other controversies of Emili Rousaud

One more than the uncomfortable situations that faced Emili Rousaud before withdrawing his candidature to the presidency of the Barcelona was the delivery of a ballot of signatures in favour of Agustí Benedito between his. On said situation, the employer commented: "it Appeared one between ours. Anybody said me that it was of Benedito, this read it. And no they said it to me of the club. We had to carry a census"

At the end, Emili Rousaud has commented that, according to his vision, there has been dirty war in the campaign of precandidatos to the presidential elections of the Barcelona. Incidentally, the same fixed a posture on the option to join to the campaign of any of the partners that yes attained to go in between the official candidates: "Never I close me doors but do not consider it. Join me now to another candidature is something that do not contemplate, but do not go me to deny, in this question am flexible", closes Rousaud.

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