The president of the league bbva 2015 16 ensures that it will not export  the classical

Thebes will not sell the Classical and is inflate of the Real Madrid

Thebes will not sell the Classical and is inflate of the Real Madrid

Published:16/11/2015 - 13:32h


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The president of the League BBVA, Javier Thebes, has conceded an interview in which it has spoken on the Classical of the next 21 November in Santiago Bernabéu, revealing that it is inflate of the white club although it wishes that there is show, by what bets by a 3-3

The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket Real Madrid vs FC Barcelona
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

In an interview conceded to the daily "ACE", Javier Thebes has left very clear that will not export the Classical of the League BBVA to foreign countries, but always it will play inside the borders of Spain. It has referred by enésima time to the case of the Catalan independence and also has desvelado that it is fan of the Real Madrid, although of face to the Classical of the Bernabéu trusts that there is show and by this reason bets by the 3-3 like final result. "Spain is a State of Right and the Government and his institutions defend the legality. Catalonia is Spain and Spain is Catalonia. A process of unilateralidad can not work", has expressed in first instance when they have asked after him the possibility that the Classical can not being part of the League.

Thebes ensures that the Classical never will export to foreign countries. "The Classical never will play out of Spain. It is the key party of our competition with value of international mark. We study to play parties was but still is not in our diary of international expansion", signals, selling to perfection the meeting. "Easy. The two better teams, the two better players and the two better staff of the world". It does not dare to give exact figures on the potential audience of the party of face to the next Saturday. "It is difficult, is potential. It will surpass the 500 million viewers. Between 500 and 600 millions calculate".

The League is meditando the possibility to force to the stars of both teams to that they speak in room of press during the previous of the Classical in the next seasons. "we are speaking It With clubs and players. Maybe they want to speak, but not receiving questions impertinentes. Sometimes it asks them the same 17 times. To anybody likes him answer 20 times question that they go to the ugliest side. The same instead of a press conference could be an exclusive interview that do the operator that have the rights. Or the own League. That would improve the mark, yes. We study it".

The past year sang "Messi subnormal" and "bitch Barça, bitch Catalonia" in the Bernabéu, but Thebes expects that there are not problems this season. "The Classical of the past year was the first party in which we report like mark Ties It chants intolerantes in our strategy antiviolencia. The Bernabéu has showed a total education in the parties that there has been since. There will be problem". It has not gone back to speak of the complaint of the judge of anonymous line by possible coacción referee's in the Classical. "Friquismo Absolute. To another thing", has limited to say Thebes.

The president of the League BBVA is inflate of the Real Madrid. "I can say that my four children are of the Real Madrid and seems obvious that his father also. But in the field of the decision never affects me the passion. Aside that already neither I have it. When you go in here you see that everything is difficult... You lose passion. The fact that have a preference at all does me take decisions. And to the facts remit me. If I say the contrary, that am not of any or of all, would be a hipócrita and could me tildar of liar. And to me it does not like me that they say me liar. Imagine that I say that I am of all and results that they say that I am of the Madrid from small, take out that I have gone to 27 Classical, that have embraced me with my friends in the bar... I prefer to say what is".

Thebes ensures that it is not anti-madridista neither that neither leaves carry by the passion. "If one follows to my perseguidores, thinks that am anti-everything. When I said that it could study a homage to Messi in the Bernabéu, fell me the biggest. Or when I said that it was necessary to sanction to Christian for touching the cataplines. And in Barcelona kill me with the of the independence. Although lately they give me more by antimadridista. Curiously...".

To Thebes have asked him also by Messi and Cristiano. "I have been able to them treat in galas. They are two conscious footballers of the responsibility that have and in what they project; identified in social actions. The resumiría like two big involved in his profession inside and went. The film of Messi have seen it, there is a plot. The one of Christian finish to première but by what have read is a different concept, more documentary. Alex de la Iglesia reflects how is and how was Messi, the surroundings in that it bred . It is well see them. We think that they have to put seven goals by party, do 18 goals. They are human beings. Messi and Cristiano are not the Opel that manufactures one thousand cars to the hour and if it manufactures only 600 reviews a machine to fix it. They are human". And on the result of the party, has it quite clear. "They go to empatar to three. The classification says it, no?".

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