The players of the FC Barcelona celebrate the traced back in front of the PSG

Neymar, Iniesta, Puyol...

These are those that always believed in the traced back

Published:13/03/2017 - 18:05h

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From the FC Barcelona so many players like technicians and exfutbolistas commissioned to launch messages of optimism of face to the traced back in front of Paris Saint-Germain. Although now many go up to the car, these himself that believed in the Barça

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In spite of the hard of the result of the gone, this four to zero no mermó the optimism of players, technicians and fans of the FC Barcelona. The stars culés believed in himself same and achieved to give him the turn to an impossible situation, turning into the first team in the history in doing it.

Neymar Júnior, Luis Suárez, Andrés Iniesta, Carles Puyol, Cesc Fàbregas... They were some of which believed. Thus it fits to stand out the figures that yes that they positioned in favour of the traced back, portraying to goes up "them cars" that have gone appearing hours after the magic night of the Camp Nou.

To continuation recopilaremos the best reactions in this regard that did to shoot the optimism inside the bloated blaugrana:

Luis Suárez: "If there is somebody able to trace back a 4-0, are we"

In an interview conceded for "France Football", and that published the Tuesday, Luis Suárez called to the traced back to his mates and to the fans. The forward of the FC Barcelona knew of the difficulty that has the trace back the four to zero of the gone but believes in his.

"Still it is necessary to play the party ofturn . We go to do all the possible to give another image and that the people see cual is the true Barça. It will be difficult to give him the turn to the situation, but no impossible and if there is a team that able to trace back a 4-0, this team is the Barça. Have the quality and the character to go out of this situation", explained the charrúa.

The "believe and believe" of Andrés Iniesta

After digesting the defeat and already with the calmest spirits, Andrés Iniesta went back to his optimistic speech of always to treat to recover to the culés for the cause. The captain of the FC Barcelona always believed really in his team and asks him to the Camp Nou that go back to have one of these magic nights of which accustoms.

"Believe and believe, always", went the message that launched Don Andrés to the fans. It did it with a photography of a Camp Nou with a spectacular mosaic, supporting to his team from the first moment and dumped in the Barcelona victory.

Neymar Júnior Called to the traced back

Neymar Júnior Affirmed after the goleada of his team in front of the Celtic of Vigo and to the microphones of "Barça TV" that he believes in the traced back. It called to this leaving clear that the Wednesday will be a magic night of Champions League.

"The Wednesday will be a partidazo", began saying the crack of Sao Paolo that issued a conclusive message. "For us it was fundamental to arrive to this party as we arrive. We have raised the confidence. We do not know if we will win by many or few goals, but go to struggle. It is necessary to go out to play and be happy", confirmed on the duel in front of the PSG.

The recipe of Ter Stegen

The germano dismissed on the duel of turn of Champions League in front of Paris Saint-Germain in the "Facebook Live" of the Barça. "Although it will be very difficult, have possibilities. We have to be concentrated and believe. But now it is necessary to centre in the parties of League that have before the duel against the PSG", said in his moment.

Pep Guardiola also aims to the traced back

"If there is a team that can trace back, with his mentality, are they", began saying the Catalan technician that, this yes, saw surprised by the defeat in Paris. "It is a surprise what happened in Paris, but to day of today in the football all can happen, to my also has happened me. There is a lot of competition and the rivals are very strong", explained.

But in spite of the trip, Pep has a clear thing of the Barcelona: "they Keep on being the best team of the world". As the Barcelona "have been the dominadores of the world-wide football in the last 10 years".

Cesc Fàbregas plays it to him all to the factor Messi

The Catalan midfield player of Chelsea and ex player of the FC Barcelona, Cesc Fábregas, has showed convinced that the Barça will have the opportunity to trace back the eliminatory of eighth of final of UEFA Champions League to Paris Saint-Germain, as long as Leo Messi was enchufado and was able to sign a stellar performance.

"If there is an able team to trace back like this in Champions, is the Barcelona: they have to mark fast and will need to the best Leo Messi", has explained in statements conceded to "The Partidazo" of the Chain COPE.

And it has valued the shipwreck that suffered the Barça in the party of gone, ensuring besides that will see the party of turn by television. "It was a shock. Anybody expected it to him; but if somebody can trace back are they. I, just in case, go to see it", signals.

Ronaldinho: "It will be a different party"

The new ambassador of the FC Barcelona Ronaldinho Gaúcho showed comedido, ensuring that it will be very complicated that the Barça can raise the eliminatory against a big team as it is the PSG, but that it will be necessary to expect until the party of turn to know what occurs.

"Only I saw the played more stood out and the goals. It is difficult, no? It was a big party, with two big teams, then goes to be very difficult", has said in the first place Ronaldinho, diplomatic in his statements. This yes, thinks that everything is possible:

"It is the football. Now it will be a different party. To see what goes to happen in the party of turn. They play two big", concluded.

Forlán: "If some able team to trace back a 4-0 is the Barcelona"

In an article published in "The National", Diego Forlán sustained the belief that "if some able team to trace back a 4-0 is the Barcelona". This yes, the attacker sees near a Barça without "Struggle".

"It can have changes. It can that the trainer Luis Enrique go , in spite of having won a triplete and a doublet in his two first seasons. It is easier to change a trainer that a team", sustained Diego.

Something that wanted to explain by the pressure mediática that comports to be trainer of the Barcelona team: "The pressure in a giant like the Barça is continuous. They corner them daily with question and, sometimes, as it happened the Wednesday in Paris, react irritated".

Carles Puyol asked unit to give him the turn 

"It is evident that have given some bad results, but if there is a team that can give him the turn to this is the Barça. It is necessary to trust this team by all what has done", commented the eternal captain of the FC Barcelona, that has participated in an act beside Gerard Hammered and has played even a party of pádel with the Barcelona defender, big fellow his.

Carles Puyol, besides, has ensured that knows perfectly by what is happening in the actuality the FC Barcelona. "I am fellow of them and know by what are happening. I know that this go it to surpass. I am to death with this team by all what have done and by all what will do".

And 70% of users of FCBN!

The fans also trusted blindly in the team before the epic. Against all prognosis, and in spite of the four to zero of the gone, the image showed and the back criticisms, the fans of the FC Barcelona believed blindly in the traced back culé in front of Paris Saint-Germain. The level "in crescendo" in front of Leganés, Athletic of Madrid, Sporting of Gijón and, especially, Celtic of Vigo, carried them to add four consecutive victories with two goleadas before the duel in front of the Frenchmen.

All this did that the fans pronounced , almost massively, in favour of the "machada" in the Camp Nou. As from FCBN launched a survey to treat to know the spirits of the bloated and the feelings could not be better. And it is that until 77% of the users of the page that wanted to give his opinion opted by the "himself" to the question on if they believed in the traced back of the team.

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