Abracadabra: Messi decanted the eighth of final for the Barça (0-2)

Abracadabra: Messi decanted the eighth of final for the Barça (0-2)

Published:24/02/2016 - 10:02h


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Intermittent party of the FC Barcelona, but effective. Leo Messi marked a "doublet" after a prodigious counterattack of the trident, first, and from the penalty spot some minutes later. The ones of Luis Enrique decant clearly to his favour the eighth of Champions

Arsenal 0-2 Barcelona- Video summary and goals of the party
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Eleven of gala for a party of gala. Luis Enrique took out to the alignment that topped champion of the "Pentaplete" in the Emirates Stadium, with the clear will to take out the best possible result against an Arsenal that, in addition to being one of the best clubs of Europe, is used to to grow when it plays supported in mass by the fans "gunner". It suffices with remembering that the FC Barcelona had harvested a defeat and a tie in the two last visits to the field londinense, and that the culés were not had to finish with the spectacular series of 32 consecutive parties without falling defeated this season. With the players already on the lawn, only was missing to pronounce the magic word, "abracadabra", and that the balloon of the UEFA Champions League threw to film again, once listened the hymn, loaded of illusion by part of the 22 players of Barça and Arsenal.

As it was to expect, the Arsenal went out in a torrent to the attack and showing a vibrant and electrical version, leaving clear from the beginning that the FC Barcelona would have to sweat blood to carry the victory of the Emirates. The blaugrana held well the downpour and achieved to surpass with ease the first line of pressure of the "gunners", taking advantage of the a lot of spaces left by the venues to generate dangerous counterattacks that anytime could turn into lethal. There was not hardly centre of the field during the first five minutes of meeting, until the Barcelona devoted to do what better knows to do and began to control the possession.

The "gunners" go out in a torrent and the Barça holds

The Arsenal replegó, with Alexis, Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain running of a side to another and suffering a physical wear that would pay them bill at the end of the party. After the back intensity to the pitido initial of Cüneyt Çakir, therefore, the rhythm turned off by moments because of the will of the Barça, that moved to pleasure the spherical and looked for patiently resquicios in the rival defence. The Arsenal, however, seemed to disguise of the Barça in the minute 7 with a beautiful offensive occasion in which Özil, with eyes in the cogote, saw to perfection a confined of Ramsey by the band that did not finish in goal of miracle, since the finish definite of Giroud crashed in Mascherano. For nothing it had gone out the Arsenal to shut in defence, although yes replegaba with criterion when the visitors had the balloon and presionaban of orderly form.

To the Barça was missing him depth during the first ten minutes of game to generate clear opportunities of goal, and precision also in some lines of pass, trying connect little by little for, as always, go growing progressively in command of balloon, control, occasions and creativity with the step of the minutes. The trident Messi-Neymar-Suárez also walked something disappeared during the first chamber of hour, being Rakitic the first in shooting to goal and cause a corner, after the shot was diverted by Per Mertesacker. The minutes passed under the griterío of the public and the Barça every time approached more to the goal of Cech. The culés disabled to the Arsenal with the ball and countered of this form his intentonas of counterattack, at the same time that little by little Iniesta, Rakitic, Alves and Jordi Alba took advantage of the accumulation of men on the trident to confine in the inmediaciones of the area and generate dangerous approaches.

The FC Barcelona controls and the Arsenal warns

The location of the balloon now was in the centre of the field and the zone of three chambers of the field of the Arsenal, with an every time better Barcelona and more settled on the lawn. The party was controlled, and the only that was missing was a pinch of creativity for desequilibrarlo. When better were the ones of Luis Enrique, nevertheless, arrived the clearest occasion of the Arsenal until the moment. Alves Threw to the floor to divert a shot from out of the area of Alexis, but the refuse finish in the boots of a Giroud that yielded it to Oxlade in the interior of the area. Fortunately, the shot raso went out too centred and Ter Stegen could trap the ball without too many problems. And it is that the Barça was used to to control the possession and shut to the Arsenal, but the clearest opportunities until the moment had arrived of the edict "gunner".

Sergio Busquets hurt to the half hour of meeting of a previous action and asked the change, with annoyances in the top of the left twin, but when Mathieu already was prepared for ingresar on the lawn the one of Badia undid the change denying with the hand, ensuring that with the step of the minutes had gone recovering and could hold. With Busquets recovered, Messi forced in the minute 34 a dangerous fault to the limit of the half moon in the frontal of the area of Cech, but the shot raso -to the Ronaldinho- was repelled by the barrier "gunner", that did not jump. Further of this, the party followed controlled by the Barça and the intentonas of contragolpe of the Arsenal no fructificaron. A connection of Messi, Neymar and Suárez finish in a clear opportunity for the Barça, but the pass of the death of Suárez was cut by the defence. In the addition of the first-half, besides, Alves hunted a balloon in depth from the band, centred and the finish of Luis Suárez point-blank left diverted by very little. Two warnings culés of face to the second half.

Bad decisions of Neymar Jr in attack

If in the first-half the Arsenal had gone out in a torrent, to the start of the second act was the Barcelona the one who printed a high rhythm of game, shutting to the "gunboats" in his own field. The culés were increasingly deep, and in the minute 48 had of a very clear occasion detained by Petr Cech. Neymar Jr Remained entirely only in a one against one with the guardameta Czech, that covered to perfection the spaces for desbaratar the shot of the Brazilian. The meeting was crazy, until the point that during the starts of the second half hardly there was centre of the field, but Neymar Jr was not at all fine in the tip of attack.

In two clear opportunities of goal, the Brazilian took the wrong decision; first leaving backwards a balloon when it could control it perfectly and encarar to Cech, and afterwards to the not being precise in giving a pass of the death to Messi to mark the first target culé. Like this the things and after the two played dangerous of the Barça, the Arsenal also had of two occasions that could decant the scales. First with a pass of the death to the penalty spot that was cut by the defence culé, and afterwards with a portentoso finish of head of Olivier Giroud that propició an authentic paradón of Ter Stegen, the one who pulled to perfection to divert the spherical with the tip of the fingers.

The trident contragolpea and decants the eliminatory

The party was in a moment very beautiful, with the two teams being able to mark anytime and a férrea battle in each area. Alas for the Barça, the trident formed by Neymar, Luis Suárez and Leo Messi did not finish of desequilibrar to the defence "gunner", and the first goal of the gone of eighth resisted for both edicts, with a public that however was enjoying of the beautiful in the grades of the Emirates Stadium. In the minute 66, Leo Messi shot from the interior of the area and the powerful shot raso was repelled by the defence. Luis Suárez took the refuse, but his shot from the right zone of the area went out too diverted, losing by the background line but callando by moments to the fans "cañonera".

Few minutes afterwards, a pass of the death of Alexis Sánchez from the right band arrived until the penalty spot until fortunately Mascherano achieved to clear it. The Arsenal put pressure on the goal of the Barça traspasado the first chamber of hour of the second half, but the contragolpe worked... For the FC Barcelona. A big offensive projection of Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez finished in a prodigious assistance for Leo Messi, that came like a bullet by the axis of the attack and, absolutely only, stopped in front of Cech, left him in the floor and defined like better knows to do. The Barça put 0-1 in the Emirates Stadium and decanted clearly the eliminatory of eighth of final with an importantísimo goal out of house.

Messi breaks the curse against Cech

From here, the ones of Luis Enrique devoted to control the possession and not giving options to the Arsenal, that went directly to the attack to try put the tables in the marker. This caused a new counterattack of the Barça, that finished in a double opportunity; first Neymar could not resolve and shot the balloon against the defence "gunner", and afterwards Luis Suárez crashed a new shot in the stick. It did not happen at all, because only five minutes afterwards Leo Messi would cause a penalti clear and the Argentinian would achieve the "doublet" against Petr Cech, a goalkeeper to the one who never before had marked. The last time that kicked a penalti against Cech failed it against Chelsea in the Camp Nou, but this time "The Flea" did not forgive and sentenced partially the eliminatory.

With the 0-2 in the marker, the Arsenal followed trying it in attack, but much more desesperanzado, whereas the FC Barcelona limited to conserve the possession of balloon and expect to see if it sounded the flute and could take advantage of a new counterattack to mark the third against the Arsenal in the Emirates Stadium. And ready it was to arrive, because Cech "saved" to the Arsenal diverting to corner a finish of head point-blank of Neymar Jr. It could say that the Czech goalkeeper, in this sense, went the best player of the Arsenal against the Barça.

Technical index card of the party: Arsenal 0-2 FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona, 2: Ter Stegen; Alves, Mascherano, Hammered, Jordi Alba; Sergio Busquets, Iniesta, Ivan Rakitic; Neymar, Messi and Luis Suárez.
Arsenal, 0: ?ech; Mertesacker, Koscielny, Monreal, Bellerín; Özil, Ramsey, Coquelin (Flamini, 82'); Giroud (Welbeck, 73'), Oxlade (Walcott, 50'), Alexis Sánchez.

Goals of the party: Leo Messi, 71'; Leo Messi, 83'.
Referee: Cüneyt Çakir.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the gone of eighth of final of the UEFA Champions League 2015-16, contested in the Emirates Stadium without remarkable incidences.

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