Advance of the book: "I call me neymar"

Advance: "I call Me Neymar"

Advance: "I call Me Neymar"

Published:22/02/2014 - 13:27h


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The book 'call Me Neymar' of Editions B will go on sale the next 26 February, but previously has offered a publishing advance that desvela some of the secrets of the 'crack' of the FC Barcelona. The Brazilian sincere with his followers in his new work

The newspaper 'Sport' has done echo of the publishing advance of the new book of Neymar, titled "call Me Neymar", and that will go out to the market the next 26 February. This is a small fragment of the advance of the work, that promises to be one of the most sold books in Sant Jordi:

"When I am with my friends see that deep down I keep on being a boy. Claro that have professional responsibilities and that I am father of family from the nineteen years. But many times I seat me a big boy. I throw a lot of less play to the football in the street, laugh me with my friends, play to the video games. I miss a very happy period that, thank heaven and to my parents, attained to take advantage of to the maximum. I was born simple and like this will die. In the table my tastes are basic, typically Brazilian: rice, Jewish, steaks, potatoes fritas and the farofa. It needs something more? Ah, yes! They love me the cookies, since it was boy. And the ice creams, good... So that they do an idea, in my house have a freezer, of those of the bars, full of ice creams. 

Regarding the clothes, likes me renew my changing room continuously. And I take advantage of to change me the combed, the boots of football, the accessories... Everything. However, there is a thing to which do not loan him too much attention: the uniforms. I do not save my T-shirts. Always I promise to give them to my friends and at the end do not remain me any. Or I forget them. If it did not go by my team, even would have lost the uniform that put me the day of my presentation with the Barcelona. If they had not taken me the clothes that used after changing me, would have left it in the changing room of the Camp Nou. And no only the clothes. Also I forget a lot of trophies. The one who won like player stood out in the Olympic games of London, in 2012, finish forgotten in the cupboard of the room of the hotel. I forgot another trophy in Argentina, in the Glass America. 

I am like this, a bit absent-minded. The only thing in which no me despisto is my passion. I live the football twenty-five hours to the day. Already it was giving patadas to a balloon or looking it film. It likes me see again what did in the field to correct the errors and fix me in the tarpaulins. Also it loves me see the played of other footballers to try imitate them. Me chiflan the exhibitions of ?freestyle? To develop some played and dribblings. And memory perfectly some played of many of my parties. I consider that it is very important to remember the played, the goals, the parties. It serves to grow, to perfect your skill. 

Anyway, my passions keep on being the same that when it was a boy. I am not of those that are mad about by new things continuously. In my moments of relaxation, in my free time, my joy depends of the football. If my team loses or does not play well, remain me home. I try to play to the billiard, to the video games or the letters. In these moments the best is to be calm. 

Now well, if my team wins... Then the joy is general. It likes me go out to dance with the friends. I have a good time. I listen and me mola all class of music: the funk, the pagoda, the sertanejo, the black music, the góspel. What put me. I adore the music and do not know to live without her. Have an aunt that is singer and an uncle that also works in the world of the music. My grandfather, my grandmother, home all love the music. What more likes us is the samba, the pagoda. To me it loves me. To me and to my group of friends of the tóis. A lot of people asks me how was born this of the ?é tóis?. It was an ours colleague, coined of Gabriel, side of the International. 

It spent us the prank that all was ?tóis? Instead of ?nós?. It began like a joke, and almost has turned into a lemma of our gang. Now to everything say ?é tóis? Because it sounds well. It is a prank, but has done very popular. To all the world liked him. Now well, what to a lot of people does not like him so much is my vocation of singer. Fatal singing. In the karaoke desafino a pile. Deep down it does not matter me. I equal singing! To the that do not like him that it go . The sad is that a pile of people always goes immediately. 

Also it loves me travel, visit other places, know new cultures. Although, to be sincere, what is the trip in himself does not like me too much. I hate to happen long inside an aeroplane. You go of a place to another and seems that you do not move you of where are. It is missing me patience. In what I go in in an aeroplane likes me put me to sleep. I sleep like a trunk. Memory once that cross some terrible turbulences and the aeroplane gave some shakes tremendas. There were people praying, another crying. And I, sleeping like an angelito. In peace. The mates woke up me when it already had happened all, some with the eyes llorosos, and I asked them what there was sucedido. And all got angry with me because it had rid me of the general terror that had lived. 

I am a calm person. Also because have some wonderful friends. My friends of always. To some know them only from does four or five years. Of the infancy, with which played from pequeñito, of the school, are few. It finish losing the contact of natural way, and, as have a very bustled life, at the end never remains me time to see to all the people that would like me. However, the friends that have now are very important for me. They are fellow loyal with which can explain anytime. Always they are to my side. And I also try to be always to his side. In the good moments and in the bad. 

It loves me explain jokes. I know a few very good. Although my friends say that my repertoire is scarce and repetitive. The thing is that they always are with me and they finish hearing the same jokes that I. Another thing that likes me from time to time is to go in bicycle by the coast of Santos. Some time have gone to train to the sportive city in bicycle. The people is very respectful and affectionate when it recognises me. Like a day that was playing with the friends with a car of remote control at the side of the beach. The people saw me concentrated in what it did and saved the distances and respect. This is very well. 

Also they love me the tattoos. I think that I have lost the account of which carry. Once it happened me a fun thing. I was to a study in Santos, in a shopping centre, of those that have an enormous shop window. In the twinkling of an eye there was a crowd observing through the glass the tattoo that were doing me. It is a pleasant affection. Although do a tattoo was not it so much... But it is worthwhile by the message. In the arm have tatuado ?Davi Lucca? And his date of birth, on 24 August 2011.

Also I have me tatuado ?Blessed? Under the nape. In the left arm me tatué ?Nadine?, the name of my mother, and ?Rafaela?, the one of my sister, in the right; ?Deus é Faithful? In the left doll. Have tatuado ?Ousadia? On of the left ankle, in the rear part, and ?Alegria? In the right leg, to the same height. In the right arm also carry a crown; have besides a heart and the symbol of the infinite. Also I have me tatuado ?Corintios 9:24:27?. It is evident that one of the tattoos, the one who did me in the breast, had to be a homage to my big idol: my father".

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