The Swiss leader ensures that platini is the epicentre of the problems of the fifa

Blatter: "Everything began like a personal attack of Platini"

Blatter: "Everything began like a personal attack of Platini"

Published:29/10/2015 - 15:22h


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The inhabilitado president of the FIFA, Joseph Blatter, has conceded an interview in which it has accused to Platini to be the epicentre of the problems of the FIFA, ensuring feel like the target of an attack organised in his against. "The UEFA did not want me like president"

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In an interview conceded to the Russian agency "Tass", Joseph Blatter has broken his silence to defend of the controversy that surrounds him like president of the FIFA and ensuring that all was an attack orquestado by Michel Platini, since in the UEFA "did not want me like president". "At the beginning it was only a personal attack. It was Platini against me", signals.

"With him it began and afterwards it was a political attack. It is not very ancient the war of Platini against me. It began when they lost the Glass of the World. England against Russia and when United States lost the Glass of the World with Qatar. But it can not destroy to FIFA. FIFA Is not a Swiss bank, is not a commercial company. And they created beside Switzerland this attack against FIFA and against the president of FIFA. And I am safe that at the beginning when they said that UEFA that did not want me to me, they did not know that all this finally would have a political importance".

When they have asked him, Blatter has not known to answer the problems that would have induced to Platini to "attack him". "It would have to him ask to him and then will know it. Because he wanted to be president of FIFA. But it did not have the prowess to be president. And now we are in this situation in the football. But FIFA is working well. FIFA Is organising competitions and developing programs. FIFA Is very very organised. Even big opositores like the Germans recognise that it is better organised that the German football. Since I turned me into president have done of FIFA a big commercial company. And this of course causes envies and jealousies", has defended the Swiss, ensuring that the main problem of the FIFA is of direction.

"The problem is of direction. The president is the only that it is chosen by the Congress. The rest of members is chosen by the Confederations. So I am the boss of a government that has not been chosen by me. And like this it is very difficult to govern the FIFA. We begin to do reforms in 2011 to change something. But there was a veto, first of UEFA because they did not want a control of integrity to his members and a lot of people was happy with this. It is a crisis of leadership. The football never has been so well as now. There is good football everywhere. FIFA Is not in crisis. It is the government of FIFA the one who is in crisis. It has to be in crisis if you want to kill the same day to the president, to the general secretary and to the vice-president of the biggest confederation".

Blatter Has argued also that behind all this is the pressure of the media. "I think that it is the pressure of the media. It is the pressure for descabalgar to the president of FIFA. But unfortunately Platini was in the same ship. And they needed: "We, the Committee of Ethical, are not to the service of the president. We are totally independent". They have to be independent but do not need to go against me".

Blatter Reveals that it has presented a resource against his suspension. "We go to struggle against the suspension in two levels. We have presented a resource to the Committee of Appeal. And this Committee has to hear us. It is in the regulations. And also, at the same time, we present an appeal to the Committee of Ethical so that it reconsider his decision. So we are working in two levels (On 26 October the Committee of Ethical of FIFA refused the appeal of Platini)". Blatter Has wanted to explain thoroughly, besides, in what consisted the mysterious million euros that paid him to Platini.

"When it was president of the Committee Organiser of the World-wide of France, commented me when finish the tournament: "it would like Me work for you". I said him that genial because we already had worked together. This was in the year 1998 and then said me: "I am very expensive". I said him well, without problems. And it said me: "I Cost one million by year". I say him that it could not pay this quantity. And it answered me: "Voucher, later will pay me". Then we did a pact by which received something of money but no one million. It was working until it was chosen in 2002 for the Executive Committee of FIFA and for the Executive Committee of UEFA. I had to stop his agreement because it already was an official of FIFA".

"This subject did not go back it to touch until 2010. Then it approached to the financial director of FIFA and said him: "you owe Me money". I was informed on the subject and said them voucher. We go to do a bill of the quantity of money that corresponds him. Afterwards it commented us that we owed him two million frank Swiss. After analysing the subject, gave the OK. It is the pact that did. And that is a principle that have in my life. If you owe money to somebody, have to pay it. Then we pay it to him. And already it is. This money was not delivered by any another reason".

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