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Gerard Hammered: "I Am centred in winning the triplete"

Gerard Hammered: "I Am centred in winning the triplete"

Published:21/02/2016 - 14:26h


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The central of the FC Barcelona conceded an interview in depth on his person and spoke of all the hot "subjects" that have struck him recently. His controversial tuits, his situation in the Spanish selection and even his criticisms to the sensationalistic programs

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It is clear that when we speak of the central defence ofl FC Barcelona Gerard Hammered are not it doing of a common and normal person. An intelligent man that whenever it shoots does it with intention and where hurts, and that confesses for the supplement of the newspaper "The World", "Paper". Published already the whole interview, Hammered speech of everything with what has related him recently as they can be the controversies by his tuits, his form to be or his current aims. "I am centred in winning the triplete", affirms.

On his tuits 

?It gives him too much transcendence. For me all is a game. Have a good time, throw me some laughs... But some people takes it to him very to breast, to life or death. It seems that it was killing to somebody when I am doing simply pranks. Some wrap? No, now I am centred in winning another triplete?.

The rivalry between the FC Barcelona and Real Madrid 

?I do not understand that to the people bother him. By a lot of that do not say , there is a lot of of us that, so that it go us well, want that it go him badly to the another. The rivalries are like this: it can not them go well to the two. It is logical. Anybody more says it because it is not politically correct. In this country what sells that is to say ?That it go him very well to the Madrid? Or ?That it go him very well to the Atleti?. Paz and love. All very beautiful. But to me with this is missing me content, is missing me chicha. It is a false goodness that does not go to any place. I no I'm sorry like this and do not go it to say. If it is that it is until beautiful! To me it likes me feel passion by a team and, as it exists rivalry with another, want to that to that go him badly. The sport is this?.

Kevin Roldán and the whistles with the selection

?When I said the of Kevin Roldán knew that it would mount something powerful but no until the point that it could affect to the selection.

I am convinced that it was a subject Barça-Madrid and no political. Sure. A subject that, suddenly, reaches to the selection with the whistles and creates an atmosphere that is not good for the team. Every time that the míster (Of the Forest) goes out to speak of me... I know it and I know that inside it suffers. And it does not like me because I have him a lot I appreciate. To know that it went to suceder all this, had not said it?.

The responsibilities of the media

?It does already some years that there is a type of journalism, besides the one who has more repercussion, that speaks of all less football. Only controversial. There are programs that are leaders of audience and do not take out neither a goal. And the people consumes it, so you can not say at all.

Inside: chants, banners, insults... And it was, only it is necessary to read Twitter. This is what boost the programs of the TV of which have spoken before. It does some years in England put strict and cut of root the racism, the sexismo and the homofobia. Here it is necessary to improve. No voucher go putting small fines, because the people the pay and continues with the same vices. They can not go the boys of six or seven years to the stadiums and listen what listen in the terracing. You see it from out and you remain you pasmado?.

The motivation to go back to be the one of before

?In England, the summer of 2014, said that it wanted to go back to be the one of before. I posed it to me like something that needed to be or if no, as at all, left it and to another thing. But now I seat that I am in my plenitud. I am enjoying more than ever of the football.

To me it does not be mad about me train me, what want to is to compete. Compete me fascina. And what more difficult puts the most fun party find it. Win 6-0 or 7-0 and that the rival shut backwards, do not enjoy it. Because here the challenge for me is scarce. I need that they pepper me, that us avasallen and here try solve problems. It motivates me more when we suffer and we finish winning. These days arrive to the changing room thinking ?hostia, today have done well the things??.

A possible exit of the Barça

?Sometimes I think that it would like me test some year in a team in that they attack you much more. Because it likes me feel that have challenges every time greater. Although the capital challenge that have and like club is to follow winning. And this is the most difficult. Every time that win is more difficult to go back to win. It is tested historically?.

The solidarity of Leo Messi

?What more would stand out of the last times of Leo is the solidarity. If it was missing him something was this. For a person like him, could have been difficult, but the way in which it has embraced to Luis and to Neymar is of ?chapeau??.

The independence of Catalonia and his position

?I am Spanish, my woman is Lebanese half and Colombian half, my children are Catalan, Spaniards, Lebaneses and Colombians. We are in a so global world that put in a place or another is to lose the time. Always I quote to John Lennon: there are not flags. ?Imagine there?s No countries?. The life is to enjoy it and no to look for problems where there are not them?.

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