Spectacular party of the barça to beat the record of goals of the real madrid

Goleada, record and leadership for a 2015 spectacular (4-0)

Goleada, record and leadership for a 2015 spectacular (4-0)

Published:30/12/2015 - 23:11h


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The FC Barcelona won with solvency the last party of the year 2015 and Luis Enrique had time even to reserve to some key players like Andrés Iniesta, Sergio Busquets and Mathieu. Luis Suárez and Leo Messi were the goleadores culés in a night of record

FC Barcelona 4-0 Betis - Video summary and goals of the party
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The first played offensive of the FC Barcelona against the Real Betis left clear, already from the first minutes, that the ones of Pepe Mel would defend with nails and teeth in the Camp Nou. Neymar Jr And the right-handed side of the group bético, Miller, had a first verbal clash after an attempt of the Brazilian to surpass to the carrilero visitor. The Betis, following the model of the Sportive does some weeks, went out to contest to the Barça the possession of balloon and closing very well the lines, although opening them with an intense offensive pressure when the Barcelona team tried to go out playing from his own area and combine with the trident.

Neymar Jr Was object of several hard faults by part of the defenders of the Betis, although the collegiate Vicandi Garrido looked to another side to the hour to teach a first yellow card that braked the aggressiveness of the footballers visitors. To the FC Barcelona cost him settle his game in the centre of the field during the first ten minutes of party, although little by little it was installing his command in the preparation of the played of attack, shutting little by little to the combined rival. With Leo Messi going down to receive practically until the zone of interiors, Neymar and Luis Suárez saw too alone contesting balloons with two or three contrary in each crash.

The Barça dominates, but without occasions

Sergi Roberto starred a first approach to the area of Adán in the minute 10 of party, but after assisting to Leo Messi the Argentinian did not attain to find him in depth so that it finalised the played. The Real Betis, without complications, limited to bale out the danger of his field and to go in in the body to body in each occasion for desconectar to the attacker players of the FC Barcelona, especially to Neymar Jr and Luis Suárez. The collegiate Vicandi Garrido, to the purest style of Mateu Lahoz, left to follow the game and the Barcelona superiority was being increasingly patent, although it was missing precision in the last pass so that fructificaran the opportunities of goal.

In the minute 21, a shot of fault of Leo Messi left diverted by the right zone, but only two minutes afterwards a grave error of Dani Alves, that lost a balloon in a committed position, caused a clear occasion of Dani Ceballos that the young player bético fortunately did not attain to send at the end of the goal of Claudio Bravo. And it is that the Brazilian side achieved to amend the error and, in an alarde of speed and defensive precision, snatched the spherical in the last moment to the promise of the Betis, commanding the danger to corner.

Penalti Unfair for the Barça and sentence of Messi

The played following also would be of danger, but this time for the FC Barcelona. In counterattack, Neymar Jr desequilibró, combined for Luis Suárez displaced to the left band and afterwards the same Brazilian finished the centre of the Uruguayan, although too centred and easy so that Adán trapped it without problems. To the half hour of party would arrive the big played controversy of the party, in an error clamoroso of Vicandi Garrido. The referee signalled penalti in front of a crash of Adán and Messi by a balloon divided that left to both contendientes pulled on the lawn, hurting.

It did not exist penalti, but the referee it pitó and Neymar Jr was the attendant to kick it. The Brazilian, with his classical "paradinha", erró a maximum penalty that, surprisingly, was sent at the end of the goal by Westermann when the German tried to clear in a conflict with Rakitic. The penalti was the turning point of the meeting, desequilibrando the scales in favour of the Barça.

Because three minutes afterwards, in a magic combination between Neymar and Leo Messi, the Argentinian star would finish annotating the second so much of the meeting in the minute 33. The party would have little history more until the half part, excepting the constant unemployed game first by the injury of Westermann and afterwards by some dangerous crashes between players. Luis Suárez had the opportunity to sentence to the cape of few minutes with Adán sold, but the Uruguayan did not require and, with the maximum present intensity on the lawn, the party went to the rest with 2-0 in the electronic and the feeling in the terracing to be living an odd duel and at all marked the rhythm.

The Barça beats the record of goals of the Real Madrid

The second half could not begin better for the FC Barcelona. A big theft of Sergio Busquets to the edge of the area of Adán, after a clamoroso error of N'Diaye, finish with an assistance so that Luis Suárez transformed the third goal of the meeting. The FC Barcelona of Luis Enrique, of this form, achieved to beat the record of goals in a natural year that had the Real Madrid, having annotated the spectacular figure of 179 goals in 2015, a quantity that any team in the world never had attained before in 365 days. The goal of Luis Suárez, in any case, served him besides to equalise to Neymar Jr and Cristiano Ronaldo in the classification of the "Pichichi" with 14 goals.

The Barça followed controlling the game with criterion and, with a marker sentenced, continued looking for the goal of Adán to give show to the fans of the Camp Nou and generate even more fear to his rivals in the League BBVA. With the party entirely costs down for the ones of Luis Enrique, the Barça followed tightening and had of multiple opportunities of goal to vary the marker. In what it went a complete siege from the minute 60, the culés had a double occasion of goal with a shot of Neymar Jr to the right stick of Adán and later another kick of Messi that it was repelled by the defence bética.

Luis Suárez, "Pichichi" of the League BBVA 2015-16

After Luis Enrique reserved to some key players for the party against the Espanyol like Sergio Busquets and Jeremy Mathieu, Leo Messi had of a new occasion with a powerful and precise shot of fault that Adán had to divert to corner, when the ball seemed that it went to drill the square. Five minutes later, Dani Alves starred the fourth stick of the Barça in the party with a centre-kick that had left sold to the guardameta of the Andalusian group. The fifth stick would arrive shortly after, with a new shot of direct fault of Messi that would take out a smile to Adán, conscious that it could have him fallen a storm of goals in the Camp Nou.

This yes, the ex goalkeeper of the Real Madrid would pay expensive the fact of not applauding to the FC Barcelona in the corridor of the Betis previous to the meeting. And it is that, in a big played of preparation and after a pass of heel of Neymar Jr and without looking, Luis Suárez annotated the chamber of the Barça in the Camp Nou and converted of this form in the "Pichichi" in solitary of the League BBVA 2015-16, with 15 goals. From here at the end of the appointment, few played stood out more for a FC Barcelona that closes the 2015 as it began it: winning of overwhelming form to all his opponents.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 4-0 Real Betis

FC Barcelona, 4: Bravo; Alves, Mascherano, Vermaelen, Mathieu (Adriano, 67'); Busquets (Bartra, 56'), Rakitic, Sergi Roberto (Munir, 86'); Neymar, Luis Suárez and Messi.
Real Betis, 0: Adán, Miller, Bruno (Pezzella, 17'), Westermann (Digard, 35'), Vargas, N?Diaye, Petros, Cejudo, Ceballos, Wolfswinkel and Rubén Castro (Go der Vaart, 30').

Goals of the party: Westermann, 30'; Leo Messi, 33'; Luis Suárez, 46'; Luis Suárez, 83'.
Referee: Vicandi Garrido.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the seventeenth day of the League BBVA 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou without remarkable incidences.

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