Ben lederman follows playing in states joined and could go back to the barça in a future

Lederman, the prodigio to the that the FIFA "forced" to leave the Barça

Lederman, the prodigio to the that the FIFA "forced" to leave the Barça

Published:30/12/2015 - 15:12h


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In the world of the football exist injustices of all type. By the results, referees, violence, racism... In the majority of the cases, however, these produce in the teams of elite. When to a boy like Ben Lederman prevent him play external agents, still is graver

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In an extensive interview conceded to the newspaper "Marks", the father of Ben Lederman, Danny, criticised months backwards the rule of the FIFA by the fact that his son had to abandon the FC Barcelona and return to United States to follow playing to the football, since it was one of the young promises sanctioned by the maximum organisation of the international football in the Barcelona club. Ben Lederman is playing now in an academy of training in Florida. "My son is in Florida, in the Academy IMG, that forms part of the program of the national selection American and are seeing what can do to bring it of turn".

Danny Lederman ensured then that his son never has finished to comprise why could not play in the FC Barcelona. "For a boy is quite difficult to understand. He only wants to go back here because it knows that in Europe the football is another thing, there is much more level. If to him it liked him play to the basketball, there would have a lot of more options that here, but likes him the football, is mad about him, and knows that it is here where are the best possibilities". The father of Ben Lederman decided to attend to the justice and report to the FIFA by all what has caused.

"We are trying to group to the greater quantity of possible parents to do strength and show our case and teach the damage that the FIFA is doing us. Still we are deciding the approach that go him to give. I think that we go it to focus as that it is an attack to the human rights. I consider that all boy has right to play to the football or to practise the sport that seem him. It is better for a boy be doing sport that have it home seated playing to the Playstation". For the moment, the community is constituted by ten parents.

"We will present the complaint in Switzerland because it is there where this the headquarters of the FIFA. Already we know that it goes to be a long process and that, probably, of here to that there is a resolution, my son already will be greater. This that do no longer is only by my son, but by all the affected. It exceeds the football, is a subject of education also. The football is a form of education. In the case of my son, was in The Farm learning Spanish, learning Catalan, having a good medical attention...".

"They treat well to the boys, have here a home formed for them and have taken out to my son of these surroundings. The FIFA would have to fix in this, in what it does the Barça and in what safe that do also more clubs of Europe". The FIFA, apparently, does not give answer to the multiple letters that has sent Danny Lederman. "I call and write to the FIFA every day, but there is not answer".

One of the big problems is that the FC Barcelona can not do at all to solve it. "The problem for a club like the Barça is very difficult, by the fact to confront to the FIFA. Have a lot that lose. There is a problem and all the world has him fear. The clubs and also the people. All fear to the FIFA, but well, with all what is happening now, with his scandals of corruption, think that is the moment to do pressure".

And add the following: "I Understand that the norm of the FIFA what pretends is to protect to the boys when they come by his account or when they bring them and leave them here alone, but that is not our case. We live here, have decided to live here, have chosen. This decision is ours and no of the FIFA. They can not say us where have to live. If I have the papers of the Spanish government that say me that I can live here, how does not go to be able to play my son to the football?".

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