Iniesta and sergi roberto created the played of the goal of neymar that put to the barça winning by zero goals to two in front of the athletic

Neymar Culminated a played master between Iniesta and Sergi Roberto

Neymar Culminated a played master between Iniesta and Sergi Roberto

Published:20/01/2016 - 21:08h


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The Brazilian forward Neymar Jr took advantage of the endiablada wall made between Sergi Roberto and Andrés Iniesta for, after failing first Etxeita in the clear and afterwards Herrerín in the exit, plant the second so much of the Barça in front of the Athletic Club in hardly 23 minutes

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The FC Barcelona went out with the idea of not leaving breathe to the Athletic Club in the first party of the eliminatory of quarter-finals of Glass of Rey and when already they carried contested 23 minutes, the ones of Luis Enrique already went winning by zero goals to two. Thank you, partly, to two played created from the two bands of the team, something unthinkable does few years and that with the Asturian is a new solution.

First it was Munir the one who took advantage of a big centre from the right side of Ivan Rakitic to break the tie. Later it would be Neymar the attendant to take advantage of of an excellent assistance of Sergi Roberto for, with a double failure of the defence rojiblanca, enter for the second time the spherical in the rival goal. For the creation of this second so much appeared two players bred in the Masia.

And it is that Andrés Iniesta, more motivated that never in a stadium that receives him always between whistles and whistles, combined with Sergi Roberto, this left lateral Wednesday, for after two walls create a sufficient space in front of the pressure of the Basques that left to Neymar freer. Like this, Roberto saw the desmarque of the eleven Barcelona (in Saint Mamés of blue electrical) stops of a pass leave him only in front of the retaguardia local.

There the rapidity of "Ney" caused first the error of Etxeita in the clear (go two parties of the central in front of the Barça) and did afterwards erroneous the exit of Iago Herrerín that could not avoid the unavoidable. Neymar Consummated his first so much in the competition in the party in which it exerted of absolute leader of the attack culé and where left big played of quality.

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