The fc barcelona already is in semifinals of the glass of the king 2015 16

The Barça showed two faces, but is in semifinals (3-1)

The Barça showed two faces, but is in semifinals (3-1)

Published:28/01/2016 - 09:26h


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The FC Barcelona surpassed with more sweat that brilliance the formality of the turn of quarter-finals of Glass winning again to the Athletic of Bilbao with identical result that in the gone (3-1). The goals of Suárez, Gerard Hammered and Neymar classified to the Barça for the semifinals of the tournament

FC Barcelona 3-1 Athletic- Video summary and goals of the party
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The FC Barcelona, knowingly that the Athletic of Bilbao arrived to the party of turn of quarter-finals of Glass of the King with a marker no too complicated to trace back, and with the will to sentence quickly the meeting so that Luis Enrique could begin to reserve men of face to the important bump suspender belt of the weekend in front of the Athletic of Madrid, did not go out to see them come in the Camp Nou and from the beginning left clear which were his intentions: possession of balloon, control of the game and generate all the opportunities of possible goal of the boots of the trident Messi-Neymar-Suárez, that finally went back to be ranged on the lawn culé.

The first minutes of party were of uncertainty, with the balloon divided between a field and another and without too many clear occasions of goal. In front of the high pressure of the Athletic in the offensive line, the central and midfield players culés looked for to connect the fastest possible with the forward to generate counterattacks and "kill" the eliminatory. The well of the centre of the field formed by Mascherano, Rakitic and Sergi Roberto, in any case, went the greater capacity to steal balloons and soltar the spherical with speed, without giving pause to the meeting. In the minute 5 of meeting, Neymar Jr starred an ugly action when attacking a balloon in depth that Herrerín already had in the hands, bumping the boot of the Brazilian with the body of the Basque goalkeeper. "Ney" Excused quickly and the subject did not go to greater, being this the first remarkable anecdote of the duel.

The Athletic tightens and finds the prize

The Athletic showed a version decided, proactiva and offensive, whereas the Barça tried to calm to the fiera to base of distribution of ball, looking for spaces that soon sooner or later would find to deploy the game of attack with dangerousness. Justo before fulfilling the minute 10, the tone of the party changed and encouraged . Messi took out a corner that Vermaelen finished of head to goal, although committing lacking on Mikel Rico. After the precisely cancelled goal, afterwards would be Messi the one who would try it with a shot with thread that was repelled by Aymeric Laporte. The first goal of the meeting, however, arrived of the contrary edict. A pass in depth of Aduriz happened between Vermaelen and Mathieu and was hunted by Iñaki Williams, that dribbled in speed to Ter Stegen and sent the spherical at the end of the goal culé, empatando momentáneamente the eliminatory to two.

Aduriz Showed in the goal that no only is a terrific goleador, but it also knows to assist. The goal encouraged to the Basques, that looked for even more the goal of Ter Stegen, but the Barcelona held the downpour as it could. The ones of Valverde followed approaching by means of some shots from out of the area and dangerous centres to the area, finished by Iñaki Williams and Aduriz. As always, nevertheless, the command in the opportunities of goal of the rival of the Barça could transform sooner or later in a weapon of double edge in favour of the culés, being able to Neymar, Messi and Suárez take advantage of some that another counterattack for empatar in the electronic.

To the Barça costs him horrors approach to Herrerín

In the minute 20, a centre from the left band of the Athletic finish with a finish of Aduriz, that left it died in the area for a finish very diverted of Susaeta. The Athletic was more near of the second that the Barça of the first, in a worrisome situation for the Barcelona in the exit of balloon and a state of the meeting of uncertainty by part of the fans of the Camp Nou, something nervous with the problems of his team to step the field of the Basque group. Messi had in the minute 24 of an occasion of fault too escorada, but Herrerín saw it come and did not have problems to repel of fists. To part of this, to the Barcelona cost him horrors arrive to the contrary door, while the Athletic seemed to have infinite energies in the pressure.

Flawless the defensive work of the Athletic, to the that was missing him definition in the line of attack to finish to sign the traced back and ensure the extention in the case that it marked the Barça. The Barcelona team asemejaba more to the muddy version of the party against the Málaga that to the one of previous appointments, and this uncertainty and fault of ideas took advantage of it the Athletic to follow looking for the miracle. To fault of seven minutes for the term of the first-half, first big controversy of the party. Messi threw a pass in perfect depth for Neymar Jr, but Balenziaga demolished to the Brazilian when it remained only in front of the goal of Herrerín. The referee taught yellow card, but according to the interpretation well could have been red. This yes, fits to say that Neymar Jr went very forced and besides was escorando to the band, by what still remained him a good stretch to try shoot to the contrary goal. After said played, Neymar had of another opportunity more, but this time Herrerín was well to the hour to remove him the balloon of the boots.

The Barça digs up his best version

The second part began with the tonic with the first, with the Barça having a lot of difficulties in the exit of balloon, Mascherano something descolocado and Messi losing balloons by the intense pressure of the Athletic. Neymar Jr Received fault practically in each balloon that touched in the left band, since the Basques did not want that the Brazilian progressed and generated some played irreversible of goal. The fault of ideas in the creation of game and exit of ball caused that Luis Enrique commanded to heat to Sergio Busquets, although it neither would be necessary. Because a wonderful played combinativa of the FC Barcelona between Sergi Roberto, Messi and Luis Suárez finished with goal of the charrúa to pass of the death of the Argentinian, without sentencing the eliminatory but putting already earth of by half.

The goal of Suárez encouraged to the rest of the team, that dumped to the attack in search of the second goal to finish to sentence already the party, in front of an Athletic that already began to pay very expensive the physical effort made in the first act. Messi went back to approach a minute after the goal, and two minutes later tested a far shot with thread that went out too centred, easy so that Herrerín blocked it. Sergi Roberto was about to to hunt a new pass of the death, this time of Mathieu, to transform the second, but did not arrive by centimetres to the balloon. The party was very of face for the FC Barcelona, but was missing the so much of the sentence and this for the moment did not arrive.

Gerard Hammered, third goal of the season

The centre of the field of the Barça activated and the team culé was able for the first time in the party to connect possessions of long balloon, trying sleep the party and the eliminatory. To the FC Barcelona suited him mark the second target and starred approaches by means of combinations between Neymar, Suárez and Messi, but was not of the all precise in the last pass. Leo Messi, besides, found far of his best version and the public of the Camp Nou knew it, hearing background in the terracings the "Messi! Messi!" To encourage to the Argentinian star. In the 26', Luis Suárez won an unnecessary yellow card when planting a second balloon on the lawn when Herrerín went to take out of goal, whereas three minutes afterwards was about to to be expelled when cutting a balloon with the hand, although the collegiate Hernández Hernández forgave him the second cardboard.

The time exhausted and the Athletic needed a goal for empatar the eliminatory and command it to the extention, but did not have -at least this seemed- of the sufficient energy in the legs as to put the tables. The Barça, while, presented his candidature to the semifinals of the Glass of the King with two very dangerous shots from out of the area. The first of them of Neymar Jr, with thread, very repelled by Herrerín; the second, of Sergi Roberto, further and powerful still, but topándose again with a very concentrated archer. This yes, would not achieve to avoid, in the minute 81, the goal of the sentence of the FC Barcelona, work of Gerard Hammered of head after a good centre of Dani Alves, tempered and very directed to the penalty spot after a corner hammered in short. Still it would give time for a golazo of Neymar Jr from out of the area, after a festival of dribblings and with a whiplash by all the square. Three victories culés in three parties against the Athletic, and the Barça already is in semifinals of the Glass of the King 2015-16.

Technical index card of the party: FC Barcelona 3-1 Athletic

FC Barcelona, 3: Ter Stegen; Alves, Hammered, Vermaelen (Busquets, 70'), Mathieu; Mascherano, Sergi Roberto, Rakitic; Messi, Luis Suárez and Neymar.

Athletic, 1: Herrerín; Eneko, Lekue, Laporte, Balenziaga; Saint José, Mikel Rico (Beñat, 56'); Susaeta (Sabin, 56'), Eraso (Muniain, 73'), Iñaki Williams and Aduriz.

Goals of the party: Williams, 11'; Luis Suárez, 52'; Gerard Hammered, 81'; Neymar Jr, 90'.
Referee: Hernández Hernández.
Incidences: corresponding Party to the turn of quarter-finals of Glass of the King 2015-16, contested in the Camp Nou without remarkable incidences.

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