To the fc barcelona expects him a month of loaded February of parties, can be a total of eight

The carousel of parties that expects him to the Barça

The carousel of parties that expects him to the Barça

Published:26/01/2016 - 09:37h


Calendar of FC Barcelona

If the month of January that are finish already put it to him difficult to the FC Barcelona regarding the number and the difficulty of parties, February seems that it will not allow to slacken the accelerator of the engine blaugrana due to the fact that it comes another good alluvium of parties of maximum competitiveness

Ticket - Gone in FC Barcelona vs Athletic Bilbao - Glass
The Classical - Gone in / Ticket FC Barcelona vs Real Madrid
Ticket - Gone in for all the parties of the FC Barcelona

There is not rest for the FC Barcelona neither in what it remains of January neither the next month of February that antoja loaded of a lot of meetings. The Barcelona, very alive in the three competitions that contest, thing that can not say of other rivals of first level, will have to contest a total of eight meetings in February if they achieve to classify for the semifinal of Glass deleting to the Athletic next Wednesday in the turn of the quarter-finals.

The ones of Luis Enrique will have to contest at least a party in each one of the competitions. They will be five those that play in the League BBVA, with rivals complicated and that will not put it easy in addition to the party postponed in front of the Sporting of Gijón that will contest in the Molinón. In case to happen of round next Wednesday, also will have to face the semifinals of the Glass of the King to what will join him the first meeting of the eliminatory of eighth of final of the Champions League in front of the Arsenal.

A new marathon for the Catalans that for example will receive to the Seville in the last party of the month, on 27 February. Before it would contest the first eliminatory of a hypothetical semifinal of Glass, the day 3. Later they will visit the Ciutat of Valency to confront to the Raise the day seven, will face the turn of the Glass and will receive to the Celtic of Vigo, team that goleó in the party of the first turn to the blaugranas by four so many to zero.

After this will touch to contest far of house three important parties. The first will be the postponed by the World-wide of Clubs FIFA in front of the Sporting of Gijón. Afterwards they will have to travel to the Canarian islands to see the faces with the UD ThePalms , on 20 February, for three days afterwards fly to London where will play the first meeting of the eighth in front of the Arsenal, an atrocity of kilometres in total.

Although it is clear that the one who something wants to something costs him and to go back to make history and be the first team in heaving two tripletes followed it is necessary to suffer. Anybody goes him to give at all to the champion of Europe and the World. It is thus that the preparation of the following days, the rotar to the players and that do not arrive fatigados to the next appointments will be crucial for the good of Luis Enrique. From here that it insisted so much in the signings of Denis Suárez and Nolito...

The carousel of parties that expects him to the FC Barcelona

  • 27 January. Glass: FC Barcelona-Athletic.

  • 30 January. League: FC Barcelona-Athletic.

  • 3 February. Glass: Party of gone of the semifinals (if it classifies ).

  • 7 February. League: Raise-FC Barcelona.

  • 10 February. Glass: Party of turn of the semifinals (if the Barça classifies ).

  • 14 February. League: FC Barcelona-Celtic.

  • 17 February. League: Spórting-FC Barcelona.

  • 20 February. League: The Palms-FC Barcelona.

  • 23 February. Champions: Arsenal-FC Barcelona.

  • 27 February. League: FC Barcelona-Seville.

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