With this want to do go in in reason to the uefa by the case of the estelades

The Penyes of the FC Barcelona sue to the UEFA

The Penyes of the FC Barcelona sue to the UEFA

Published:29/12/2015 - 19:42h


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The Confederació World-wide of Penyes of the Barça announced this Tuesday that have interposed a demand against of the maximum organism of European football because of the sanction of this to the group culé by the case of the estelades. They expect to do go in in reason to the UEFA

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This same Tuesday the president of the Confederació World-wide of Penyes of the FC Barcelona, Antoni Guil, and the lawyer and ex managerial Josep Maria Top explained all the details of the demand interposed against of the UEFA by the sanction that this put him to the Barça by the exhibition of estelades in several meetings of the team blaugrana in Europe. Both had presented sues it hours before in the courts of the city condal.

Beside them, several members of the confederació like the managerial Pau Vilanova or the zonal presidents Jordi Abellán, Xavier Canudas, Lluís Grau, Pere Mentruit, Salvador Balsells and Joaquim Vall-llosera, the manager of the confederació Joan Camps, the exdirector general of the club Anton Parera wanted to accompany to these in the celebrated press conference in the Cabbage·legi of Periodistes.

The president Gui was the first in speaking to explain as it has been all the process until arriving to present the complaint officially. "In the past assembly of the club already are our intention to present the demand and on 12 December, the plenario of the Consell of Penyes approved to do it effective in the case that the UEFA did not attend the resource, as like this it has been".

"And I want to say that it was of unanimous way, had the unconditional support of all the presidents of out of Catalonia put that, above the ideas, what is at stake is the freedom of expression. We have presented the demand because lesiona gravely a fundamental right of the partner, peñista or fan of the Barça. We ask the nullity of the sanction and that do not go back to punish never the peaceful expression of the feelings", confirmed the president of the Confederació that groups 30 federations, 1.249 penyes official and 155.000 peñistas.

After this was the lawyer Josep Maria Top the attendant to take the word. "The UEFA base his sanction in the fact that the fans blaugrana has showed messages no adapted in a sportive event. All can be more or less of agreement in that it is necessary to separate political and sport but what can not do, in no way, is to violate the right to the free expression that is above any another consideration and collects from the Statement of the Human rights until the Constitution helvética. It is illogical".

"Only it can have sanction if transgeden the limits of this freedom of expression and puts in danger the security, there is violence or xenophobe cries, racist or reprobables of any another type. It is necessary to force to the UEFA to that his articles interpret under the protect of the modern constitutional right. In any way can violate it. This change is indispensable inside a democratic society based in the pluralism", sustained.

The same Crowns afimra that treats of "a civil demand, since it is the most moderated form to defend some rights, do not think that the UEFA can bother neither happen sportive bill to the Barça for that. Likewise, it defended that the initiative can help to the maximum organism of the European football to go in in reasons. "The UEFA, before or afterwards, will go in in reasons".

"As it happened with the Law Bosman. There is not any upper law that protect his sanction. We are speaking of freedom! And it does not correspond to the organism futbolístico judge what is or what is not a suitable behaviour if it does not transgress the freedom of expression, in no case can restrict the fundamental rights of the people", exposed.

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